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Francis “Francie” Fortman is one of our main car runners from Manchester. He travels to pick up vehicles traded between Runde’s and other dealers.  He also shuttles vehicles from the Manchester Ford location to East Dubuque and Hazel Green, and stops in to harass all of us before he leaves again. He always has a smile on his face, and it’s usually quite contagious! Runde Auto Chat: What is the farthest trip you have taken for a dealer trade? Francie Fortman: Working for Runde’s, I once went 1,100 miles roundtrip to Fargo, North Dakota to trade a Trailblazer for another Trailblazer. I also had to go to Detroit on a couple occasions. RAC: What is the most interesting thing you’ve seen on your trips? FF: The traffic on 494 in Minneapolis at 5:00 pm. (For some of us, it’s the reason we live here instead of the big city!) RAC: What is the best place you’ve eaten while [...]
With election time coming up, everyone is thinking about who the candidates, who they should vote for, and what they stand for. We are thinking about all that, of course, but it’s also interesting when you look at Who’s Driving What!!   Democrats Barack Obama traded his Chrysler 300C in for a Ford Escape Hybrid. Joe Biden drives a 1967 Corvette given to him as a wedding gift. Republicans  John McCain drives a Cadillac CTS. Sarah Palin drives a Chevrolet Suburban.    Americans have always seen their vehicles as an extension of their personalities.   Their vehicles in a sense represent who we are and what type of lifestyle we have.  These candidates are certainly not exceptions to this idea.  I could easily picture each of them comfortable riding along without looking out of place in the vehicles listed above.  Obviously, by their choice of vehicles they definitely bleed Red, [...]
This week’s sales staff introduction is of our Cuba City Buick store. They may be small in numbers, but these guys carry an abundance of information and ready and eager to answer any questions you may have!! Sales Professionals Al has worked for Runde’s for about 6 years, but prior to that he worked with his father at Dellabella Motors for about 30 years. His wife, Deb, also works for us, running parts and vehicles from store to store. They have 2 children and 2 grandchildren. Al enjoys gardening and music. He plays the harmonica, cjello, and acoustic guitar. He’s a Packers fan…go figure. If you’re ever in the Cuba City area, you’ll probably see him driving around in his Chevrolet S-10 pickup.     John has also worked for Runde’s for about 6 years. He has a son and a daughter. He enjoys working with [...]
Kelly Francois and her 7-month old son Cole visited Runde Chevrolet in East Dubuque today.  Kelly is very familiar to most of us here at Runde’s because she used to work here for nearly 2 years.  She now works at Dubuque Data Services as an administrative assistant and she’s doing very well for herself.  Kelly enjoys stopping by the dealership every once in awhile, but this is one visit that she would have forgone if she’d had her druthers.  You see Kelly’s boyfriend, Dirt (his legitimate nickname), was backing up her car and backed over a metal fire pit.   So Kelly came in and had Mike Runde write up a bodyshop estimate for the repairs.  We sat down and chatted with Kelly and Cole while they waited for the write-up. Geared For Women:  What happend to your car? Kelly Francois:  A fire pit jumped up and bit the back bumper of my car. GFW:  What kind of car do you [...]
  Ford Mustangs dominated the Homecoming court transportation in Friday’s parade at West Delaware High School. Runde Ford’s Cory Harbach drove Ben McDonald and Amber Moorman around in a 2008 Ford Mustang Convertible. Ben is a runningback and defensiveback on the Hawks varsity football team, and Amber is a member of the West Delaware Speech Team. Jason Lux and Emily Havertape were crowned this year’s Homecoming King and Queen. There were also two other Mustangs involved, driven by the Vaske family. Our Mustang convertible is a 4.6-Liter V8 automatic with power windows, doors, and locks, heated leather seats, sirius radio, and 6 disc cd changer. Feel free to give our sales staff a call at (888) 927-2630 with any questions you may have.
The Runde Auto Group Golf Outing took place Saturday, August 2nd at Lacoma Golf Course in East Dubuque, Illinois. We played the Gold Course, one of 4 courses on-site. Lacoma is made up of two 9-hole golf courses, one 18-hole course, and a Par 3 course. Luckily, we had a beautiful sunny day for the event, and I think everyone had a great time! The overall winners with a four-under par 32 were Casey Fluhr, Dave Schnoor, and Mark Fleege. Second place went to Dave Frazier and Jeff “Lenny” Keuter with a three-under par 33. As for a special award that did not exist (but should have), the ‘Outstanding Driver’ award goes to Becky Kuhl. She managed to throw her playing partner, Nick Rokusek, out of the cart without even trying! A big thank you to everyone who participated, to Lacoma for providing their facilities [...]
On average, Tri-State residents are paying $3.84 for a gallon of gas this week according to IowaStateGasPrices.com. While rising gas costs are no surprise, motorists are trying to all sorts of ways to be more gas efficient. I know that I personally have been shifting into neutral more often and coasting down hills gradual slopes. If you want an idea on the lengths people are willing to go to save a few bucks click here.Experts are now saying that gas prices will eventually go back down – probably to around $3 a gallon, although it might take another year for prices to get there. However, for those of us who are not willing to take up jogging as our primary form of transportation to eliminate the pinch at the pump — check out these gas saving tips: FuelEconomy.gov Keep an eye on your tire pressure: Under-inflated tires not only pose a safety hazard, but [...]
I highly recommend Runde Auto Group to everyone! Everyone at Runde’s is so nice and friendly. Nathan Finn of E. Dubuque, IL I was very satisfied with Runde Auto Group. This was the first time I bought a vehicle where I felt that I was the one that got the good deal. Mike Menster of Cascade, IA I was very happy with the salesman I dealt with! I feel that Rob truly is a definite asset to the dealership! Dennis Olson of Avoca, WI This is a very nice dealership. I would recommend them to anyone. Scott Allison of Macomb, IL Wayne Konrardy is an outstanding sales rep and certainly a huge benefit to Runde’s. Also their rental department just gave my fishing group a sweet deal on a rental van for a trip. Thanks a lot !! Michael Muenster of Dubuque, [...]
I ran across this and found it fascinating. Something like this could really have come in handy as I was stuck in traffic for about 25 minutes while waiting to cross the Julien Dubuque Hwy 20 bridge two nights ago. Even though it literally takes off, I’m skeptical if this invention will really “take off”. I would definitely save a lot of time and save on gas money with one of these, but I can’t help but wonder how long it would take the fire department to get me out of a set of power lines … [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTNz6NftP34&hl=en&fs=1] After reading up on it a bit more, I found that Mr. Neal’s invention is very similar to a gyrocopter, but his machine is the first patented one with foldable blades.         
Here at Runde’s we now have links to home-made video walk-arounds for the majority of our new vehicle models at www.RundeAutoGroup.com New technology has enabled our four stores to capture videos of new vehicle models for customers to check out online and that should aid customers with their online vehicle research. Granted it’s not professional grade photography, but keep in mind that we don’t have Ansel Adams working here — at least not yet. I think the videos will give customers a good live view of the vehicle they’re most interested in and that’s a great tool to have.There’s only so much that photos can capture, and video is quickly becoming the new step for putting vehicle information and images out there in front of potential Runde customers. We’re not to the point where we can physically put customers in our vehicles while they’re sitting at home, but this is probably the [...]
Greg, I have had several compliments on our new SUV both here in Dubuque and in Des Moines, IA. This vehicle performs and rides a lot better than our old one. Janet and the kids enjoy it very much. Thank you for working with us on it. I’d like to express my appreciation on how we feel with you and your family’s dealership. They have worked with my family on our purchases, maintenance and body work. Pat Timmerman and his people in the service department are greatly appreciated as well. In this day and age it is extremely comforting to know that there is an Auto Dealership out there that customers can rely on such as Runde’s. Again, thanks for everything. Bob GreenDubuque, Iowa The Green Family’s new ride
OnStar will soon be releasing their new Vehicle Slow-Down Technology. This new feature will be available on a number of 2009 GM vehicles equipped with OnStar – and trust us it’s a feature that you never want take advantage of. The technology was developed to assist police officers in recovering stolen vehicles. The chief advantage of this new technology is to stop high-speed chases, for which police departments around the country are taking heat for. Nearly 40% of high-speed chases result in property damage and almost 25% result in injury or death. OnStar predicts that it will conduct about 600 vehicle slowdowns a year when the service reaches full distribution. It will be available on 19 models for 2009. I’m sure this means that car theives will eventually learn to check first before stealing a vehicle equipped with OnStar. Related OnStar customer testimonial: http://www.onstar.com/us_english/jsp/popup/explore/basics/real_stories/porter.jsp
Anyone who is from the Tri-State area is probably familliar with and fond of the The 19th Hole restaurant in East Dubuque, IL. It’s situated halfway between Runde Chevrolet and Runde Suzuki-PreDriven on Hwy 35N. Runde employees have been enjoying food from this establishment for years. Mike Lawler (detail specialist) adds, “It’s definitely good food — the best burgers in town.” I have no problem agreeing with Mike about the burgers. Runde’s places a to-go order from the 19’th Hole probably 50 of the 52 Saturdays throughout the course of any given year and the burgers have never failed to keep this blogger’s engine firing on all cylinders. Click on the menu to the right to check out the current offerings at The 19th Hole. Of course, as their name suggests, the restaurant offers much more [...]
Buying a late-mode pre-owned Ford just got a little bit easier. Ford recently announced that they will begin an extensive program to enhance the warranty plans for its used vehicles. They extended their Certified Used Program’s powertrain warranty from six years or 75,000 miles from the original date of sale to six years or 100,000 miles. It has also added a three month or 3,000 mile comprehensive warranty for all Certified Pre-Owned Ford Vehicles along with a 24-hour roadside assistance program.The company is saying that there are many reasons for the change. Whatever the case, it’s great news for Ford buyers and anyone who likes the refreshed look of the Ford lineup. Ford is currently offering low interest rates (as low as 2.9%) on select Certified used Fords and Mercury’s. If you’re interested in hearing more [...]
Mandy Augustin of Dubuque recently picked up her new ride that she bought at our Chevy store in East Dubuque. She really wanted to get going to enjoy her new set of wheels and the warm spring- like weather, but we appreciate the fact that she took a couple minutes to chat with us. Runde Auto Chat: What kind of car did you buy? Mandy Augustin: A 2002 Ford Focus. RAC: Where’s the first place you’ll take you’re new car? MA: Home. RAC: Do you think your car is male or female? MA: Definitely female. RAC: Will you give her a name? MA: Don’t know yet … undecided. RAC: What’s the best thing about your new ride? MA: It’s mine! RAC: Do you have a favorite spot in the Tri-State area? MA: Anywhere by or on the Mississippi River. RAC: If [...]
IntelliChoice.com is an online source for automotive ownership cost and value analysis. It can prove to be an excellent tool for people who are considering buying a vehicle. Intellichoice rates the overall value of a vehicle and in doing so they factor in all costs involved with buying and maintaining that vehicle over a five year period. They predict the overall cost of ownership of vehicles over a five year period of time.What a great tool because, it goes beyond what a car costs at the time you sign the paperwork and write the check. It allows you to look into the proverbial crystal ball predict how much you will have invested in your vehicle over the long haul. A former collegue of mine once commented on how nice this was and wouldn’t it be neat to have a site that could show you how much your house was going to end up costing after [...]
Those of you who have driven past Runde Chevrolet in East Dubuque since last fall have probably noticed that it has been under some minor construction. The building has been redesigned both inside and out to put it up to code with the current standards of Chevrolet. Some enhancements that have been made are: a more easily accessible service area with multiple service reception desks, new sales offices, a cozy waiting area with internet access and a 50″ wall-mounted flat screen. The next time you’re in need of a new car or service for your current car, stop by and check out Runde Chevrolet. You’ll definitely like our attitude [...]
1. The Suzuki Corporation will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2009. Today it is one of the largest manufacturers of motors in the world. The company employs over 45,000 people worldwide and their vehicle sales annually surpass the sales of many other renowned companies like BMW, Mercedes and Saab. In fact, Suzuki actually outsells Mazda, Subaru, and Porsche combined.   2. The founder of the company, Michio Suzuki, started off in the silk industry building the highest quality textile looms in the business — he built them to last. When he becan to search for something fresh to focus his efforts on, he looked to transportation. His son, Shunzo, took off with this idea and built a small motor that was attached to a bicycle. This soon evolved into building motorcycles.   3. Ichiro Suzuki has had over 200 hits in each of his seven seasons playing [...]
Keith Pickel stopped by Runde Chevrolet today to pick up his new 2008 Silverado K1500. Keith is from Platteville, WI and he drives vehicles for a local business. We chatted with him for a few moments before he took his new rig home to show his wife.Runde Auto Chat: What’s the first thing you’ll do with your truck? KP: I’m going to Chicago tomorrow to show the truck to my son. RAC: How often do you usually get a new truck? KP: About every 4 years. RAC: What did you think of the whole truck buying process here at Runde’s? KP: It was the best deal I got … I really liked it. RAC: What’s you’re favorite place to eat in the area? KP: The Three Mile House just up the hill. RAC: Are you tired of all the snow yet? KP: Heck yes. Who [...]
Runde’s first Hybrid Tahoe is currently on the lot and available for test-drives. Several of the staff members at Runde Chevrolet have driven the vehicle and were impressed with the fit and finish of the vehicle. This is something that GM certainly didn’t rush to get out on the market. They really did their homework and took their time in the development stages and the result is an extremely q uiet, fuel-efficient, full-size 4WD SUV that looks like it should cost about $10,000 more than the list price.CLICK HERE for a VIDEO WALK AROUND of the new 2008 TAHOE HYBRID ! The first thing that struck me was the exterior look of the Hybrid. It has a real upscale look with unique and refined aluminum wheels and it can easily be identified as a hybrid — mainly due to the fact that it says [...]
 If you already own a vehicle that is E85 compatible, I’m sure that you’re well-versed about the benefits of the fuel. E85 is a fuel made from a mixture of 15% regular gasoline and 85% Ethanol that’s made from corn or other grains. This fuel is great for our local economy because it uses corn as a component. It also helps our national security by decreasing our dependence on foreign oil. You must have a vehicle designed to work with E85 however. The 10% Ethanol blend, or E10 as it is sometimes called, is fine to burn in all late model vehicles and has been available for quite some time at the pump, but an E85 compatible vehicle can burn the higher concentration of 85% Ethanol. This is because E85 vehicles are produced with specialized fuel system components designed to handle E85 as well as an engine management enabled to deal with the different properties [...]
Today we found ourselves digging out of yet another snowstorm as Mother Nature decided to blanket our area with a foot of snow. It was actually a very pretty day, until you had to get in your vehicle and actually drive someplace. Whether you were heading to work, to the store, or to get your taxes done — the roadways proved treacherous as plows couldn’t keep up with the rate the snow was coming down. As of right now the storm that hovered over the Tri-State area for most of Wednesday is now heading in the right direction — away from us. Almost all schools were closed in the region today and many people were sent home from work early, but overall the Missippi Valley area coped admirably with day’s abominable weather. It’s closing [...]
The Tri-states Volume Leader for Many Years Equals… Volume pricing and everyday low prices Best selection in stock Ordered Vehicles arrive sooner Better ability to locate, if needed Easy, Flexible Financing with Low Rates and Great Terms We Will NOT Add Hidden Documentation, Prep, or Get-Ready Charges. We Offer a Wide Array of Car and Truck Accessories. These are Offered as an Option, Not Required. SERVICE to Back Up the Sale FREE loaners or pickup and delivery Factory trained technicians Extensive parts inventory High customer satisfaction ratings LARGE Used Car Inventory, Our Used Car “SUPERSTORE”, and Used Car Specialists [...]
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