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Choosing a drivetrain for a vehicle you’re looking to purchase can seem complicated.  The drivetrain you eventually select depends on a lot of factors including: the amount of money you’re looking to spend and what geographic area you live in. For those that live in an area like the tri-states where winter makes traveling tough, a common question among vehicle buyers is which drivetrain is best for their needs. The differences between all-wheel drive (AWD), four-wheel drive (4WD/4×4), front-wheel drive (FWD), and rear-wheel drive (RWD) can be confusing. Front-wheel drive is exactly what it sounds like, the engine’s power is routed to the front wheels. Most sedans are front-wheel drive. Rear-wheel drive, which is typically used in high performance vehicles and trucks, sees the engine’s power routed to the rear wheels. It provides better traction if you are pulling a heavy load, but provides less traction on [...]
It’s that time again folks. Like it or not, it’s colder, slicker and more dangerous on the road than any other season. It can be a pretty scary situation driving anywhere in the Tri-States after a hefty snowfall. I know just a few weeks ago I was inching up the minor hill from our Chevy store to our PreDriven store and I didn’t think I was going to make it. Which leads me to my first piece of advise to achieve a worry-free winter driving experience – be prepared. I didn’t have good tires at the time (bald would have been a complement), and that is my fault for waiting, thinking I had time as the roads were pretty clear prior to the downpour of snow. But weather is unpredictable and we all have to [...]
We have a big and bad snow shower coming our way tonight. Hopefully most of you will be inside all safe and snug. However, some of you may find yourself out driving in the middle of the worst. It can be a scary situation when your wipers can’t seem to wipe away the snow fast enough for you to see through, the wind seems to become the bully of nature, trying to shake your car from side to side and you feel as if you don’t know when you are in control of your vehicle. The best thing to do is not panic, but here are some useful driving tips you can follow to help keep you in control: Don’t assume your vehicle is going to be able to handle a certain situation with ease (including all-wheel-vehicles!). Even a slight turn could end up in a disastrous fish-tail. Take seemingly simple maneuvers very [...]
Ah November – the month of wonder… Imagine my surprise this morning as I was clearing my groggy eyes, stumbling into my kitchen, glancing out the window, to see something that made me second guess if I was actually awake or still dreaming… SNOW. With the change of scenery it’s easy for one to wonder many things… will my car start in the cold? How is my car going to handle with snow on the ground? Am I ready to drive in this stuff for the next couple of months? Easy there… before you call doctor Phil for some psychological help with winter whose, let us help you with some basic things you can check to make sure your vehicle will run smoother than a sled down a snowy fluffy hill this winter. 1. Are your lights in working order? You may just automatically think that all of your lights are working like most [...]
Ah winter. For some, a time of peace and tranquility, a sight of beauty and wonder – perfect. To others, it’s just darn cold. Regardless your take on the season you need to be prepared for winters wrath. Here’s three tips that will help you be prepared for this winter season. 1. Check your tires. “I’m good, I put some air in those babies last week!” Check ’em again, Einstein. Cold temperatures makes the air in tires contract. You lose a pound of pressure per square inch for every 10-degree drop. Beyond that, the cold air can also make the rubber on your tires stiff, which could result in cracking or separating where the tire meets the rim.  Check them often and make sure you put in the proper amount of PSI to ensure you’ll be prepared [...]
The Midwest can have some ‘interesting’ driving conditions throughout the seemingly never-ending winters. It think it would be a lot easier if we all attended the Bridgestone Winter Driving School in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and actually learned how to drive in winter conditions. They have three ice-covered tracks with soft snowbanks to use as learning tools. I think all of us can relate to the crazy All-Wheel Drive vehicles flying past us on the interstate and then finding them in the median about a mile up the road. Or there is the other end of the spectrum…the people who have their white knuckles clenched to the wheel driving 35 mph when there is just a dusting of snow on the road.     Mark Cox is the school director at Bridgestone, and he has provided some tips to making it through the winter in one piece. Cox says when drivers are about to get behind the wheel in [...]
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