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It’s that time again folks. Like it or not, it’s colder, slicker and more dangerous on the road than any other season. It can be a pretty scary situation driving anywhere in the Tri-States after a hefty snowfall. I know just a few weeks ago I was inching up the minor hill from our Chevy store to our PreDriven store and I didn’t think I was going to make it. Which leads me to my first piece of advise to achieve a worry-free winter driving experience – be prepared. I didn’t have good tires at the time (bald would have been a complement), and that is my fault for waiting, thinking I had time as the roads were pretty clear prior to the downpour of snow. But weather is unpredictable and we all have to [...]
We have a big and bad snow shower coming our way tonight. Hopefully most of you will be inside all safe and snug. However, some of you may find yourself out driving in the middle of the worst. It can be a scary situation when your wipers can’t seem to wipe away the snow fast enough for you to see through, the wind seems to become the bully of nature, trying to shake your car from side to side and you feel as if you don’t know when you are in control of your vehicle. The best thing to do is not panic, but here are some useful driving tips you can follow to help keep you in control: Don’t assume your vehicle is going to be able to handle a certain situation with ease (including all-wheel-vehicles!). Even a slight turn could end up in a disastrous fish-tail. Take seemingly simple maneuvers very [...]
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