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Misty Rosebrock and her fiance, Serafin Gonzalez came all the way from Ohio to pick up the Dodge Magnum they would later drive home in. This young couple was happy to be at Runde’s after such a long trip and was even more pleased about the service they received and the vehicle they picked out. They were nice enough to share their experience at Runde’s and a bit about their lives to me before they took the long road home in their new vehicle. Serafin, that’s a unique name, what’s it from? It’s a Spanish name. I was named after the Angel Seraphim. Are you guys married? No, we are engaged, the wedding is next fall and we have a baby on the way. Where are you from? We are from [...]
Oh the smells one would encounter being a mechanic. Exhaust, gas, diesel, oil, anti-freeze, and of course the mysterious “surprise” smell that (one could only imagine) would be caused from rotting meat mixed with a broken vile of skunk scent. The pains and misery their hands go through, the headaches, the frustrations… it’s, to say the least, no easy task to be a mechanic. To honor our hard working mechanics we had a sit down interview with one of them while he was in between projects. Let me introduce to you – Eric Teiskoetter. Hey Eric, tell the people a bit about yourself I was born in Dubuque and still live there. I moved several times throughout my life.   I’ve lived in Iowa City, Coralville, Cedar Rapids and Texas (for a year). I’ve lived in [...]
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