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Leah Decker and her father, Mike, stopped into Runde’s today to pick up a new vehicle for Leah. Fresh out of college and already establishing herself at Jefferson middle school as a teacher, Leah needed a reliable vehicle in her life. After working with their salesperson, Kaylin Kerchner, they wanted to tell the world how great she and Runde’s were to work with. What brought you into Runde’s today? Leah: I just graduated from college and needed a used car. Did you find us online? I actually found a different car online but ended up getting a Dodge Neon after we came in and went on a test drive. Do you approve of your daughter’s vehicle, Mike? Yep, we took it for a spin and it sounded good to me. Where did you graduate from? I graduated from the University of Northern [...]
Christel Manson stopped into our Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep store to pick up a brand new F-150. She had a great experience at Runde’s and was more than willing to share that experience to the public!   Where are you from and how long have you been there? I’m from Quasqueton, IA and I’ve been there for 10 years. Are you married? Yes, my husband is Chad and we have a son, Connor and our dog, Bailey. What kind of hobbies do you like to do? I enjoy running, biking, reading, playing pool and spending time with family and friends. What vehicle did you end up going with? A 2011 Ford F-150. Where was the first place you took your new truck? I drove it to work! Do you think your truck is a [...]
Barb Brush and her long-term best friend, Roxanne Marston, just happened to be going to the right quilting show at the right time. While these two inseparable friends were on their way to see expert weavers, quilters and sewers, Barb got an unexpected call from her husband who insisted that she stop over to Runde’s and take a look at a Lexus that might suit her, and boy did it ever. While here, she kept saying how it felt like family, so we did what families do – sat down, got to know her and chatted for a while… What brought you into Runde’s today? Barb:  A phone call. We were on our way to a quilt show and I got a phone call from my husband who knew I [...]
Darlene and Frank Potter came from Zwingle, Iowa to pick up their Jeep Liberty recently. While here they sat down with me and we had a relaxing conversation to get to know how their experience was. I don’t know if I’m just out of the loop or something, but I had never heard of a spaghetti western! What led you into Runde’s in the first place?Oh…We’ve been dealing with Runde’s for years. How do you like Dave Smith, your salesman?He’s a terrific salesman. You come in when you don’t even intend to buy and you walk out buying something. He must be quite the smooth talker, huh? What would you give him on a scale of 1-10?10, he’s just an excellent salesman. How about Runde’s, what would you give us on a 1-10 [...]
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