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Please join us in welcoming Chris McGrane to the sales team at Runde Chevrolet in East Dubuque! Chris, who was born and raised in Dubuque, has 14 years of experience selling Harley-Davidson motorcycles. He also spent 16 years in management at UPS before joining the sales staff at Runde Chevrolet. “It was the people and the way they do thing’s here at Runde’s that made me want to join this team,” Chris said. “They are honest, straight forward and they make the process quick and easy, which is what people want. Other than that, I mean who doesn’t like a new car?” In his spare time, Chris enjoys family time with his wife Angie, daughters Emily, 18, and Tana, 12, and his 13-year-old son Brayden, as well as home projects, and [...]
The New Chevrolet Cruze is arguably the most attractive mid-size sedan on the market today.   It’s common knowledge that Dubuque is only about a mile and a half from Runde Chevrolet.  Roughly over the past thirty years, Dubuque has become well-known in the eastern Iowa area as a tourist hot spot.  A lot of this started back in the late 1980’s when the Dubuque Greyhound Racing Park opened up down by the river.  I can remember my dad taking us down there in his new Chevy when I was still in high school.  Oh, me and my sisters couldn’t bet because of the strict laws against minors going anywhere near the wager windows, but it was a lot of fun watching the dogs run and watching the adult spectators become either infuriated or ecstatic depending on the race outcomes. Well when you
Misty Rosebrock and her fiance, Serafin Gonzalez came all the way from Ohio to pick up the Dodge Magnum they would later drive home in. This young couple was happy to be at Runde’s after such a long trip and was even more pleased about the service they received and the vehicle they picked out. They were nice enough to share their experience at Runde’s and a bit about their lives to me before they took the long road home in their new vehicle. Serafin, that’s a unique name, what’s it from? It’s a Spanish name. I was named after the Angel Seraphim. Are you guys married? No, we are engaged, the wedding is next fall and we have a baby on the way. Where are you from? We are from [...]
The Cruze is coming very soon and everyone (customers and employees alike) are chomping at the bit to see first hand GM’s newest jewel of the streets. But why would GM need to hire aerospace engineers to help with the car’s design? Watch and learn just how the new 2011 Cruze takes in a breath. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8No9bXWvxQ]
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