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We love making others happy – it’s part of what drives us to do business and try to help better the community. When a long time customer of Runde’s (Helen Kurth of Coggon, IA) sent us the following letter the other day, it really put into perspective why we try so hard and give everyone that walks through our door the very best service that we can offer. As shown in the letter, Helen is 95 years old and still enjoying everything that life has to offer!  We appreciate the kind words Helen!   She closes out the letter by saying “thank you”, but it is us who should be thanking her because without customers like Helen, we wouldn’t be in business. Below is a printed copy of Helen’s letter: Runde Auto Group. Just a message to thank you for your service to me thru the years. I [...]
Today we had the pleasure of getting to know a family who recently bought a Chrysler Town & Country van from us. Sharon, Darlene, Alex, Emily and Gavin took a few moments to share their experience with us.  We give you … the Riesselman Family. How did you find Runde Auto Group and this particular vehicle? We found you guys on the internet. Your website was very easy to navigate and we easily found what we wanted. I really like how you can narrow by the year, model and mileage, it makes it really easy to find what you are looking for. Where is the first place you’ll take your new Town & Country van? Darlene: Home to see if it will fit in the garage! Sharon: Yeah. Why did you decide to purchase it [...]
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