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How do you know something is quality? What makes you want to go back to something time and time again? Is it through other peoples success and enthusiasm? Maybe you just know when something is made or done right? Perhaps the best evaluation of quality is withstanding the test of time and repeated, undeniable, satisfaction time and time again. This is what we strive to bring you at Runde’s; the very best of vehicles, service and personality – not just on occasion but each day, every second you are with us. Recently we received our 7th Mark of Excellence Award from GM. The Mark of Excellence Award is given to dealers with superior sales volume and customer satisfaction. It can be awarded once in a year, but only dealers which achieve very high prerequisites earn the award. It is a noteworthy achievement and a true sign of quality.  It is great to work for a [...]
The Mark of Excellence is the original name of the logo for the GM Corporation. It was first used by GM in 1966 and the logo originally included the phrase “Mark of Excellence” at the bottom. It was initially installed on the door jambs of GM vehicles. Some of us older folks might recall that the logo also was also stamped on the release buttons of seat belt buckles in GM vehicles until the mid-1990s. The “Mark of Excellence” is also an award. Runde Chevrolet was presented with this award just last week for their sales and customer satisfaction results again. Runde Chevrolet has won this award numerous times, however GM keeps raising the bar and winning the award thus becomes more of a challenge with the passing of each year. GM representatives were on hand in East Dubuque to present [...]
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