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New technology has been a big part of vehicle purchases in the last decade, and Buick stood up to the challenge when they designed their Lucerne. How many accidents occur due to blind spots or lack of visibility? Drivers are 3 times more likely to have an accident changing lanes than they are if they stay in one lane. The engineers at Buick understood this concept, and added a solution to the Lucerne. The Side Blind Zone Alert system is set up to notify the driver of a vehicle in their blind spot. You are driving down the interstate and want to pass a slow-moving tractor (in our case here in the Midwest), and you put your turn-signal on. As you start to veer into the passing lane, there is a vehicle sitting near your rear bumper, but you can’t see them. Your Lucerne has a laser system that will trigger an alert in your [...]
General Motors announced recently that it’s adding the 2009 Buick Lucerne to its flex-fuel lineup. The alternative-fuel version of the Lucerne can be selected as a no-cost option and can run on gasoline or E85 or any combination of the two. This means the Lucerne thus has the distinction of becoming the first flex-fuel passenger car from Buick. The Lucerne was named after Lake Lucerne in Switzerland. I had the good fortune of spending a couple days there in the spring of 1993 and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to travel abroad. “Timeless beauty” would accurately describe the lake and the city surrounding it. It is easily one of the most scenic locations in the heart of Europe.   GM said the Lucerne will be among more than 15 of its models with flex-fuel capability for the 2009 model year, up from 11 models this year. Some vehicles that [...]
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