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Laura Rannals from Area Residential Care dropped in the other day to drop off the Runde’s Community Support Truck. Area Residential Care is a non-profit agency that serves people with mental or other devolopmental disabilities. They have grown to serve about 300 differently-abled adults and about 300 staff members in Dubuque (the headquarters), Dyersville, and Manchester. They will soon be moving into the old Econofoods building off of JFK Rd. in DBQ. The Community Support Truck was used to help move items and goods to and from A.Y. McDonald Park in Dubuque where they held the 2010 Corporate & Community Games. Laura explains that the Corporate Community game event is the annual fundraiser for Area Residential Care. The event takes place on the second Wednesday of every June. Teams of eight to ten people sign up to [...]
Raise your hand if you don’t like to have fun. Those of you who raised your hand can stop reading this post now, thank you for your time. For the remaining fun-loving individuals still here, listen up. East Dubuque is having an Independence Day Celebration on Sunday, June 28th from 1pm ’til dusk. Runde’s is very excited that we are sponsoring and donating to this event but we are even more excited to go to it. We were so anxious for the event that we decided to kidnap Casey Klein, board member of the East Dubuque Business and Tourism Group, in order to gain more information about the event.  So Casey, can you describe for me what the Old Fashioned Independence Day Celebration event is?
I got a chance to do an intense question-answer session with Jordan DeGree, founder of the Dubuque Art Center, on his way out of the dealership with our community support vehicle. So Jordan, you are taking the Community support vehicle today, what are you planning on doing with it? Well, the Dubuque Art Center is moving into a new location – the first floor of the Platinum building at 137 Main street. As an art center, we have a lot of rather large equipment like pottery wheels, furniture, shelving… etc. — so having a large vehicle makes that move a whole  lot easier. Interesting, so what made you want to start the art center? I moved [...]
It’s almost time to decorate those eggs and indulge in candy – Easter is approaching quickly (April 12th) and some people may not get the opportunity to celebrate the holiday.  That’s why organizations like Maria House here in Dubuque, Iowa are starting to gather materials to build baskets.  The baskets are intended for families who receive aid from Maria House so that everyone can celebrate Easter and have fun during the Easter holiday. Sherry McDonell who has been a member of Maria House since before it opened explained to us the way the organization works.  Sherry, who “absolutely loves working for Maria House” explains: Maria House provides transitional housing for women with children who are in need of shelter.  Starting in 1989, women of the city council came across a grant for homeless women and women with children to provide housing.  After [...]
How often do you get a chance to help someone out? Chances are that there are several opportunities for you to help someone, but how often do you actually help? Connie Jo and Chuck, owners of Chuck -n- Jo’s restaurant, (located on 890 Iowa St in Dubuque, IA) did not let an opportunity pass when they came up with “Easter Baskets of Love” Started three years ago, Easter Baskets of Love supplies children in need of an Easter basket that’s filled with toys, candy and other Easter goodies. Kids from organizations such as the Maria House and St. Mark’s are given the baskets. Everything is 100% donated and the work is all volunteer based – businesses (including Runde) within the community donate items for the baskets. This is the third year of the event. When it started, there were fewer [...]
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