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You know what leaves a great impression on a product? It’s not the official reports and reviews from big companies, it’s more-so the voice of the community in regards to that product. If the community’s overall satisfaction with a product is good, you can generally be rest assured that you would be satisfied with the same product. Vehicles are constantly at the center of being criticized and reviewed by businesses and people alike. While a vehicle might get positive reviews through media sources, the community may deem it as average or worse. That’s why the AutoPacific’s Best in Class Vehicle Satisfaction Award is one to be taken seriously – it’s an award based solely on the best vehicles according to the consumer’s experience and satisfactory.  The 2012 survey was taken by more than 75,000 people that [...]
When I start thinking of vehicles that might allow me to  have a little fun on & off road, the first one I think of is the Jeep Wrangler. To me, it’s one of the best looking SUV’s I’ve ever seen and boasts the title of “king of off-road production vehicles” to boot!  The 2012 Wrangler gets some exciting changes you definitely won’t want to miss out on. The 2012 Wrangler packs in an all-new 3.6L v-6 that gives better gas mileage, a smoother ride and more power. Want to talk numbers?   Horsepower = 285 (a staggering 40% increase from its predecessor model!) Torque = 260 lb.-ft MPG = 17city / 21highway The new Wrangler will be available in four models: Sport, Sport S, Sahara and Rubicon and all models will sport a new [...]
One of Runde’s newest customers is Ricardo Matthews, who currently plays noseguard on the defensive line of the Indianapolis Colts.  Ricardo purchased a new Jeep Grand Cherokee from Runde’s last week and was thoroughly pleased with everything.  As you can imagine, with the NFL season in full swing, Ricardo didn’t have time to come all the way to Runde Auto Group in Manchester, IA to pick up his new SUV … so Runde’s delivered it right to his doorstep in Indianapolis. You may recall that we’ve sold a couple of vehicles to Mardy Gilyard of the St. Louis Rams.  Well it turns out that Ricardo and Mardy (both rookies in the NFL this year) were teammates last year at the University of Cincinnati.  The two teammates still keep in touch and Mardy let Ricardo know where he could find a great deal on a new vehicle and door-to-door service on top of that. Matthews attended high school in his home [...]
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