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I spent three days fighting through the dense jungles of Cuba City to gain the opportunity of meeting one of the longest surviving sales people in the Tri-State area… Al Dellabella. Al has been with the Runde team since 2002. This is his story… Are you originally from the Cuba City area? Yes-sir, I have lived here all my life. How long have you worked for Runde Buick and what do you do here? I have been here since the sign out front changed. I actually used to run Dellabella Motors before it became Runde Buick. My grandfather opened this store in 1938, and made it an official Buick dealership in 1949. So this store has been in your blood for a while… Yes it has. Like I said, my grandfather started the store, then my dad took it over from him, after [...]
Jeff Schmitt has been with us here at Runde’s for several years. Having to deal with appointments and service, Jeff is always a busy guy. Today, however, we got to sneak in a couple questions in an attempt to give you a small glimpse of the life of Jeff Schmitt. Thanks for chatting with me Jeff. To start out, what would you say is your position here? Assistant Body Shop Manager would be my “main position” but I do several other things such as service writing, making appointments, etc. How long have you been here? Since August 2007, so a couple of years. How do you like it at Runde’s? It’s great. Everyone is really friendly. Where are you from? I was born in Dubuque, lived there for about a year. Then [...]
If you have driven a vehicle equipped with the Ford Sync Technology– then you’re probably well aware that it effortlessly syncs up your phones, mp3 players and other gadgets via Bluetooth or USB input. Now how about this for a little bonus: Internet.  Yep.  Not a misprint — I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T. That’s right, internet wherever you may go and internet wherever you are… internet high …. internet low … internet at home … and now internet on the go… just as long as you have a 3G compatible wi-fi card (note: monthly fees might go with it).  The Sync, version 2.0, will have internet compatibility integrated into its USB ports. So on top of all of the cool things the Sync already does (like transmitting your phone calls though vehicles speakers) your passengers can now surf the waves of the digital [...]
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