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A couple of days ago we talked about Dodge coming out with the first, commercially produced, CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) truck to hit the states with the Ram 2500. Since gas is a pretty hot topic right now, we thought we’d dive a little deeper with some interesting statistics we gathered from the U.S. Department of Energy. Wondering how much money you’d save by going to an alternative fossil fuel? Check out the chart below showing you the cost per gallon equivalent of the more popular fossil fuels: As you can see by the chart, as of January, the lowest priced source of energy for vehicles would be CNG (same source powering the new CNG Dodge Ram). Surprisingly enough, regular gasoline comes in second place as the cheapest fossil fuel. If energy-powered vehicles (à la the Chevy Volt) were in the mix they would [...]
General Motors announced recently that it’s adding the 2009 Buick Lucerne to its flex-fuel lineup. The alternative-fuel version of the Lucerne can be selected as a no-cost option and can run on gasoline or E85 or any combination of the two. This means the Lucerne thus has the distinction of becoming the first flex-fuel passenger car from Buick. The Lucerne was named after Lake Lucerne in Switzerland. I had the good fortune of spending a couple days there in the spring of 1993 and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to travel abroad. “Timeless beauty” would accurately describe the lake and the city surrounding it. It is easily one of the most scenic locations in the heart of Europe.   GM said the Lucerne will be among more than 15 of its models with flex-fuel capability for the 2009 model year, up from 11 models this year. Some vehicles that [...]
 If you already own a vehicle that is E85 compatible, I’m sure that you’re well-versed about the benefits of the fuel. E85 is a fuel made from a mixture of 15% regular gasoline and 85% Ethanol that’s made from corn or other grains. This fuel is great for our local economy because it uses corn as a component. It also helps our national security by decreasing our dependence on foreign oil. You must have a vehicle designed to work with E85 however. The 10% Ethanol blend, or E10 as it is sometimes called, is fine to burn in all late model vehicles and has been available for quite some time at the pump, but an E85 compatible vehicle can burn the higher concentration of 85% Ethanol. This is because E85 vehicles are produced with specialized fuel system components designed to handle E85 as well as an engine management enabled to deal with the different properties [...]
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