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Runde Auto Group is proud to be a driving force behind the Julien Dubuque International Film Festival. The 2018 festival is set for April 26-29 in downtown Dubuque. All films are free on Runde Free Day, Thursday, April 26. See you at the fest! The Julien Dubuque International Film Festival will bring together several women in the entertainment industry for a panel to discuss their experiences. The free event will be held at 10 a.m. on Saturday, April 28, in the Hotel Julien ballroom. “The entertainment industry is still a male-dominated field, so it is refreshing to hear perspectives from women involved in the business,” said Susan Gorrell, executive director of the Julien Dubuque International Film Festival. “We hope this panel will provide an interesting look at the industry and help to encourage women to get involved in filmmaking.”   Panelists include: Jenelle Riley, Deputy Awards and Features Editor at Variety Magazine, and two-time Emmy [...]
Jordan Degree, of the Dubuque Art Center, was in this week at Runde Chevrolet to pick up a vehicle for the Art Center. Last year I had the opportunity to get to know Jordan and learn about what the Art Center offered the community.  This year we got an update from Jordan about what’s happening with the Art Center and what they have planned for the vehicle they purchased. Hey Jordan, last year you were here to borrow the Community Support Truck for the Art Center, right? How did it work out for you? Yes, we were moving to our new location at 137 Main Street in Dubuque – we are on the first floor. That was actually the second time we used the [...]
It's about that time of year again. Decorated eggs, fun family games and the 2nd largest quantity of candy kids will ever get in one day. And while there are many parents out there who go all out and spare no expense on Easter baskets for their children during the holiday weekend, there are also kids locally who don't exactly have equally warm-hearted Easter experiences. That's where Chuck 'N' Jo's comes in to save the [holi]day! Last year, Chuck 'N' Jo's donated over 800 baskets to Children’s Hospitals and local non-for-profit groups that help children, like the Maria House and St. Marks. This year marks their 4th year of the Easter Baskets of Love and it is bigger and better than ever before! They will have over 1200 Easter baskets that will be delivered to kids and senior citizens this Easter. And they're distributing the baskets to a greater number of charitable places compared to last year! We stopped by Chuck 'N' Jo's today to visit Connie Jo (one of the founders of this noble event) to see the baskets and talk with Connie about the event a little more. Looking at a collection of the baskets felt like looking into the future a bit. There were so many of them and I began to get a mental glimpse of the happiness that they were g
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