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One of the luckiest 19-year-olds participated and won big on the Price is Right. Why so lucky you ask? Well if winning a scooter, a trip to Boston and a bunch of money wasn’t enough… How ’bout a new Ford Mustang for a dollar? [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpMuiYNa3Xo&feature=player_embedded#] Perhaps this strikes some jealousy… or perhaps I’m just expressing my inner emotion… Either way everyone must give Taylor BIG credit for guessing the last two numbers spot on when it really counted — probably one of the biggest moments on the show, pre or post Drew Carey’s take over from Bob Barker. Here at Runde’s we may not be giving away Mustang’s for a dollar, but I guarantee that you will think the Price is Right at Runde’s!
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