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After 43 years in the auto busniess, today is the last day on the job for Dave “Soupy Sales” Smith.  We’d like to congratulate him on his new permanent weekend (a.k.a. retirement).  We’d also like to thank him for his 20 excellent years of service working in the Sales Department of the Runde PreDriven store.  He’s always been a class act and frankly he’s one of the best salesmen we’ve ever seen. He says he’ll miss all of his loyal customers and it almost goes without saying that he’ll be just as missed by his co-workers here at Runde’s. If you know Dave, give him a jingle to congratulate him.  Job Well Done Soup !!!
Joanne Helms came in to buy a vehicle with her son-in-law, Rob Busser, who was there to assist her. Joanne is a coffee shop aficionado and loves her new Equinox.  See what Joanne and Dave are saying about their experience at Runde’s and how small town gossip can lead to big time satisfaction. What led you into Runde’s? I know my sister-in-law bought a car from here a number of years ago and I’ve been hearing good things lately from more and more people buying and talking about Runde’s from where I’m from. What area are you from? I’m from Mineral Point, WI. Which has a population of about 2800-3000. I go to a coffee shop every morning and it’s the morning gossip as far as who got a car and we all talk about that.
Jordan Frakes & his girlfriend Lindsey Rossow visited the Runde PreDriven store in Hazel Green, WI today to pick up Jordan’s new ride.  He was forced to find a replacement for his previous car that was totalled after someone pulled out in from of him.  Jordan and Lindsey are currently students at the University of Iowa and they kindly gave me a few minutes of their time before making the trek back to Iowa City. What Brought you into Runde’s?    Jordan: I saw the car online at Cars.com and I liked what I saw so I called you guys up and scheduled a time to drive it and then we talked about the price for awhile. What car was it?   Jordan: It was a 2006 Pontiac G6 Pretty nice car there.  You purchased it from Dave Smith, right?  What did [...]
Darlene and Frank Potter came from Zwingle, Iowa to pick up their Jeep Liberty recently. While here they sat down with me and we had a relaxing conversation to get to know how their experience was. I don’t know if I’m just out of the loop or something, but I had never heard of a spaghetti western! What led you into Runde’s in the first place?Oh…We’ve been dealing with Runde’s for years. How do you like Dave Smith, your salesman?He’s a terrific salesman. You come in when you don’t even intend to buy and you walk out buying something. He must be quite the smooth talker, huh? What would you give him on a scale of 1-10?10, he’s just an excellent salesman. How about Runde’s, what would you give us on a 1-10 [...]
Steven Troester and his wife Diane of Dubuque, IA, came into Runde’s to pick up their truck. Just before they took off in their new rig, they gave me a chance to interview them.  Here’s what they had to say: What led you to Runde’s? Our friends told us about the good service and deals on used cars they got from Runde’s so we thought we’d give it a try. What did you end up with? Exactly what I wanted – a small pickup, 4-wheel drive, extended cab – Dave Smith found all of that in the Colorado I picked up today. If you were to rank your experience with Runde’s on a scale of 1-10 what would you give it? Probably a nine. No problems, everyone was really friendly and honest. And your salesperson, Dave Smith, what would you give him [...]
Misty Rosebrock and her fiance, Serafin Gonzalez came all the way from Ohio to pick up the Dodge Magnum they would later drive home in. This young couple was happy to be at Runde’s after such a long trip and was even more pleased about the service they received and the vehicle they picked out. They were nice enough to share their experience at Runde’s and a bit about their lives to me before they took the long road home in their new vehicle. Serafin, that’s a unique name, what’s it from? It’s a Spanish name. I was named after the Angel Seraphim. Are you guys married? No, we are engaged, the wedding is next fall and we have a baby on the way. Where are you from? We are from [...]
Jim and Denise Kruser, from Dubuque, IA, came in the other day to purchase a new vehicle. Denise had purchased from Runde’s in the past and had such a great experience that she decided to come back. Jim and Denise were kind enough to sit down with me for a few minutes and tell me a little about themselves and about their experience at Runde’s. What led you to Runde’s today? Denise: I’ve bought from here before and we were looking for a reliable winter vehicle so we decided to buy it from here again. We wound up with the ’05 Jeep Liberty. What made you come to Runde’s in the first place Denise? Denise: I was told that it was a good place to come so I gave it a [...]
Diana, Robert and little Poco Hedtke recently moved back from Thailand after doing missionary work for 3 years. After arriving at their current home in Atkins, IA they were hungry to get a Duramax diesel powered truck that suited their needs so that they could hit the roadways for some well deserved trips. There was only one problem for these fine folks – no matter where they looked, they couldn’t find any Duramax that had what they needed at a price they couldn’t argue with. That is, until they found Runde’s website… What brought you to Runde’s today? We have been looking for a Chevrolet Duramax but couldn’t find anything in our price bracket that was available. Then, just this morning, I came across your website and discovered a number of Duramax’s available. How did you end up at our website? I Googled “Chevy Dealerships – Dubuque” and the first one that came up for [...]
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