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Girls, you gotta admit that you care, to some sort of degree, about what kind of car your man, date, or fling drives. At first glance what he drives gives a little insight into what kind of guy he is. Maybe he’s the hot jock with no brains, the nerd hopeing to meet his princess Leia, the shut-in who’s really a sweet guy, the perfect man, the man who has a secret life… there’s so many possibilites. When it comes down to it, though, it’s all about what we percieve as good features in a guy… and his car. Judging from a car, maybe one girl would think that a Camaro means the guy is really exciting where  as girl 2 might think he’s a total sport car freak, it’s all about opinion. I found these following videos to be interesting. Seems like a lot of the girls have varying opinoins about a person based on [...]
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