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When naming what you are thankful for on Thanksgiving, you might take one thing for granted: the big meal. There are thousands of people who don’t have a family dinner to look forward to, but thanks to Genny Ginter, they won’t go hungry. This year marks the 53rd annual free Dubuque Community Thanksgiving Dinner. Last year the event served 2,200 people. “I’m making 86 turkeys this year – probably 90 just to be safe,” Genny said. The event will be Thursday, Nov. 27, at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 781 Locust St. in Dubuque. The sit-down dinner will be at 1:30 p.m. and Santa will be in attendance at 3 p.m. The meal will also be delivered to the elderly and those who can’t make it to the KC hall. “There’s a need [...]
Laura Rannals from Area Residential Care dropped in the other day to drop off the Runde’s Community Support Truck. Area Residential Care is a non-profit agency that serves people with mental or other devolopmental disabilities. They have grown to serve about 300 differently-abled adults and about 300 staff members in Dubuque (the headquarters), Dyersville, and Manchester. They will soon be moving into the old Econofoods building off of JFK Rd. in DBQ. The Community Support Truck was used to help move items and goods to and from A.Y. McDonald Park in Dubuque where they held the 2010 Corporate & Community Games. Laura explains that the Corporate Community game event is the annual fundraiser for Area Residential Care. The event takes place on the second Wednesday of every June. Teams of eight to ten people sign up to [...]
Thanksgiving Day is tomorrow, and you all know what that means…TURKEY!! Ms. Donna Ginter, a resident of Dubuque, is about to have her 47th annual FREE Thanksgiving dinner. It will be held at the Dubuque Knights of Columbus on Locust Street. Every year, Ms. Ginter and many volunteers cook SEVENTY 25-pound turkeys and 6 different kinds of salad.  They also buy dinner rolls and pies to feed those less-fortunate or shut-in people in the community. Last year’s meal fed about 2,400 people. Ms. Ginter had about approximately 260 volunteers.  They used 75 cars to deliver meals and they went through 57 turkeys. She organizes 2 festivals during the year (Catfish Festival and Riverfest), and is a food vendor at Dubuquefest. The money she makes at her booth is used to fund the Thanksgiving dinner. She also receives donations throughout the year from people and businesses.
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