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Duane and Ruth Tietjen are hardworking people. Ruth teaches and Duane operates his farm. It’s pretty rare that they get 15 minutes to do much of anything for themselves which is why I was glad to have the honor to sit down with the both of them for this interview to learn more about these great folks. What led you into Runde’s today? I saw the car I was interested in on the internet and got a hold of Al and asked him about it. So he gave us some information, we test drove it and now we are picking it up. Our son also bought a truck from Al about a year ago and loved Al. Do you know Al personally? We let some people hunt on our farm [...]
Darlene and Frank Potter came from Zwingle, Iowa to pick up their Jeep Liberty recently. While here they sat down with me and we had a relaxing conversation to get to know how their experience was. I don’t know if I’m just out of the loop or something, but I had never heard of a spaghetti western! What led you into Runde’s in the first place?Oh…We’ve been dealing with Runde’s for years. How do you like Dave Smith, your salesman?He’s a terrific salesman. You come in when you don’t even intend to buy and you walk out buying something. He must be quite the smooth talker, huh? What would you give him on a scale of 1-10?10, he’s just an excellent salesman. How about Runde’s, what would you give us on a 1-10 [...]
Jim and Denise Kruser, from Dubuque, IA, came in the other day to purchase a new vehicle. Denise had purchased from Runde’s in the past and had such a great experience that she decided to come back. Jim and Denise were kind enough to sit down with me for a few minutes and tell me a little about themselves and about their experience at Runde’s. What led you to Runde’s today? Denise: I’ve bought from here before and we were looking for a reliable winter vehicle so we decided to buy it from here again. We wound up with the ’05 Jeep Liberty. What made you come to Runde’s in the first place Denise? Denise: I was told that it was a good place to come so I gave it a [...]
Raymond Wahl stopped in today to get a new vehicle. Raymond, who is a retired Catholic Priest from Rockford, allowed me to give him a short verbal survey about his purchase experience, about his life in general, and about the history of the Wahl family. What brought you into Runde’s today? I decided to get a new car. I’ve been reading about unemployment so I thought I’d do my part to keep the economy up. What did you end up buying today? It’s a new Chevrolet Impala. I traded in my old Impala towards it. Any plans for it? Mainly to travel to and from where I live in Rockford. What made you come to Runde’s? I’ve been coming here for years now… I’ve worked [...]
Today I sat down with Carmen Grawe, from Manchester, Iowa who recently bought a vehicle from us. She was in the Dubuque/East Dubuque area visiting her sister and she was kind enough to stop by the Runde Chevrolet dealership and take some time out of her day to tell us about her family, her life, her experience at Runde’s and anything else she wanted to share.   Hey Carmen, thanks for taking some time out today for the interview! So I hear you bought a vehicle from Runde’s recently, what did you end up buying? We bought a blue granite Chevy Silverado 1500 from the Manchester store. Oh, so you bought the vehicle from our Ford store, did they have the Chevy vehicle shipped up to you? Yea, the vehicle was originally at your Chevrolet store in East Dubuque. They transported it up to [...]
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