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During these hot summer days it’s great to get out and enjoy the weather. Maybe you wanted to go out somewhere but there was no one available to watch over your kids. If you do take your kids with you, wherever you go, please keep their safety at the forefront of your mindset and do NOT leave them in the car by themselves for any reason … not even for a minute. The ambient temperature inside of a vehicle on a 80 degree day can reach up to 110 degrees in just 20 minutes. On average there are 37 infant deaths resulting from being left in hot cars per year. I’ve heard horror stories on the news about infant death resulting from being stuck inside a car and it is something that needs to be brought up and addressed during these hot summer days. GM recently partnered with Safe Kids USA and together they are aiming to increase [...]
If you’re a parent, you’re naturally going to worry about your kids when they start to drive. Who doesn’t get discouraged when they see another fatality on the news involving teens, beer, and speeding? It’s enough to make any parent want to keep their kid’s vehicle options limited to a bike or the bus … God forbid they ever walk anywhere. But alas, we must face the reality that our kids need to drive — ask any parent who has ever played the chauffeur role. (Note to audience:  In tonight’s performance, the role of the chauffeur will be played by the gal who writes those clever little blog posts.  The role of the kids will be played by the same demanding kids who played the parts last week and the week before and the week before that, etc.)  Enter Stage Right:  My Key. Not the cute little [...]
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