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Runde’s was recently honored to have San Francisco 49ers draft pick, Darius Fleming, come in to Runde Chevrolet to pick up a smoking hot Black Camaro coupe!  Darius played for Notre Dame as an outside linebacker and is training for the 49ers currently. He found time to come from his training camp in Lake Forest, IL to pick up his Camaro from our salesman, Mark Fleege. Darius was gracious enough to let us interview him. You might be surprised by some of his unique talents and what he has in common with the movie “Rudy”! Are you originally from the area? No, I’m from the south side of Chicago.  I grew up in the Beverly area, right off of Western Ave. around 119th. Did you have a nickname growing up? My nickname was Baby-D, because I was named after my uncle.   Since his name was Darius as well, they called me Baby-D so when somebody would say “Darius” it [...]
Doesn’t it seem that time seems to speed up as you get older?   Time seemed to stand still when I was 10 years old — I really wish it was that way for me  now.  Doesn’t it seem like you grow busier with the coming of each successive year? I attended a social media seminar in Chicago last month and one of the spokespeople there was from Cars.com.  The Cars.com website has been around since 1998 and is generally considered one of the two biggest online car shopping sites. During a presentation, the Cars.com rep asked how many dealers had a mobile website (which is basically an alternate version of a website optimized for mobile devices).   Not every website has an alternate version that’s optimized for these devices… and judging from the results of the question, [...]
Taxi cabs are a huge part of big city life. Those of us from the Tri-States have probably been, at some point or another, to downtown Chicago (or another big city – if not you should really get out more…). Walking down the sidewalk and glancing at the traffic on big city streets, you probably think “glad I’m not driving in that mess of cars.” Chances are that you have experienced crazy taxi drivers — I know I have.  Several taxi drivers that I’ve witnessed don’t much care for the laws of the road as they almost hit pedestrians.  Since when does a red light mean go anyway?  Just as 30 is the new 20, red must be the new yellow in Metropolis. If you’re thinking about going back to Chicago in the near future, you’d better be prepared for the possibility of being hit by a whole lot bigger Taxi as the truck of the year – Ford Transit –  has [...]
Recently we got to interview Chuck Webster who came in to purchase a Malibu. Chuck was excited to give his wife the Malibu as special little gift. Hello Chuck, thank you for doing the interview with us. We hope your experience with Runde’s was great. Oh yes it was. How was he? Fantastic. We actually used to be neighbors in Chicago for years and didn’t even know it!  We lived about two blocks away from each other in Lincoln Park. Where is the first place you’ll take your car? I’m going to drive it to Washington D.C. to give it to my wife. It is a two-day drive, but it’s worth it. Is [...]
Tony and Sharon Lorenz from Galena came into our Suzuki store today to do a few things.   They enjoyed the atmosphere and the way they were treated so much that they just had to share it with the world! (I did, in no way, shape, or form, pay Mr. or Ms. Lorenz to say any of what we’ll mentioned below… seriously…) Read on to see how the experience here at Runde’s was for these self-proclaimed “wicked people” from the East. What are you folks in for today? We came in to get the oil changed on our Suzuki SX4 and ended up buying a new Suzuki Grand Vitara. What will you be using the vehicle for? For traveling … we travel quite a bit. Where do you guys like to travel? We’ve been to Branson, MO, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska, Arkansas. If you could choose one [...]
Our good friend, Casey Klein from the East Dubuque Business and Tourism Council, sent us a nice letter the other day thanking us for our coverage of the Independence Day Celebration. She wrote: “On Behalf of the East Dubuque Business and Tourism Council, thank you for your generous support and patronage of the Old Fashioned Independence Day Celebration. You did a super job on the Runde Auto Group Web site! Thank you for making the East Dubuque Business & Tourism Council look good! All your efforts are greatly appreciated. As we get closer to the event, if you or your staff have any questions please don’t heistate to call or e-mail. Please join us on Sunday, June 28th. Thank you again. Continued success in all you do! Cordially, Casey Klein” We’d like to remind [...]
So I hear that you came from Chicago to be here today, how was the ride up here? It was good, left early enough – around 6,  it was quiet. Are you from Chicago? Well yea, just one town west of Chicago. How did you find Runde? After looking around for awhile I found Runde through AutoTrader.com What were you looking for? I spotted the Chevy ’05 1500 Crew Cab so I called and Al Kloft (of Runde Suzuki/PreDriven) picked up. He was very nice and helped me throughout the whole process. That’s great to hear! So where in Chicago are you from? Just outside, 20 miles west of the main city in a suburb. That’s quite a drive, what is it? 4 hours? Yea this trip took about 3 hours. So what are you going to use [...]
St. Patrick’s day is today.  A day of celebration and green… a whole lot of green. Even Chicago dyes it’s river green with over 40lbs of food dye today!  But have you ever wondered what the holiday is actually all about? It’s not just an excuse to go out to the “pubs” and toast the great Saint until you are passed out on the floor. No, in-fact, St. Patrick’s day has more to it than you probably know. Isn’t it great that the Irish have a great Irish person to celebrate?  Huh, what’s that? St. Patrick isn’t Irish? Are you nuts!? Actually, St. Patrick was born in Britain during the 5th century. Not as Patrick, mind you, but as Maewyn Succat. He was kidnapped by Irish marauders at the age of 16 and brought to Ireland where he was a shepard slave for six years before he escaped. Back in Britain, he had a vision beckoning him to [...]
As everyone knows today is Casimir Pulaski Day. Let’s get the party started! Wait… what? You didn’t know it was Pulaski day? You don’t even know who he is, you say? Well let’s make sure everyone is caught up to speed on the significance of this great man and why he is celebrated to this day. Born in Polland on March 4, 1747 Kazimierz Pulaski would live his life to end up being a hero. He is known for his contributions to the U.S. military during the American Revolution by training soldiers and cavalry of the American colonists. From his involvement and genius strategies he was given the title “father of the American cavalry.”   The holiday came to fruition to celebrate his efforts which aided America. Illinois enacted a law on June 20, 1977 for the celebration of Pulaski’s birthday. Celebrated heavily, but not exclusivly, in Illinois – (particularly in area’s of heavy Polish population, such as [...]
Runde Chevrolet in East Dubuque recently had the opportunity to make a road trip to the Chicago Auto Show. We managed to pull up our jaws and glance at our cameras every once in awhile to snap some photos for you. We hope you enjoy viewing a few of the amazing vehicles that were there! Chevy ran an impressive show with an array of cars including the all- electrical Volt (left) and the new Equinox (right) [...]
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