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A couple of months ago Jordan Degree got a Chevy HHR for the Dubuque Art Center from Runde’s. The Are Center had plans to get it wrapped in a vinyl coat and that’s exactly what they did!  Jordan says he is loving the HHR and is very pleased with how the wrap turned out. Check out the pictures below and look out for it on the roads!   
Don Hart is a guy who always seems to be on the go. From being a landlord, plowing and maintaining several rental properties to helping out those in need by doing missionary work, Don’s always on the move.  He calls himself “retired” but it looks like he has a full load to me! To learn more about this interesting person, we had a nice chat before he hit the mean  streets in his new HHR. How did you find Runde’s? I found you guys through the internet. What site did you use? Did you find the vehicle you needed right away? Autotrader.com, I found the exact car I was looking for so I called you guys up. I talked to Al, I was pretty impressed by Al. What car did you find? I was looking for [...]
The Clemen family happened to be out and about and decided to have a nice little chat with me about their experience they had at Runde Suzuki. The conversation ended up being the highlight of my day. Hello, thanks for coming. I heard you bought a vehicle from us recently? Yep. About two weeks ago we got a Chevy HHR. So how have the two weeks been – what have you been using the vehicle for? It’s been great! Beth usually takes it to work and back and we’ve gone out to our parents house a couple of times… we will be using it for pretty much everything. How did your parents like the vehicle? Well I took my Grandma for a ride –she’s going to be 82 next year in June — and she was like, “Oh this is so much nicer to get into than your old van” so she must have liked it. [...]
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