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Cletus and Candy Saam, of Galena, IL, picked up their third Corvette from Runde Auto Group yesterday! The torch red 2016 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe sparkled in the sun outside the dealership as the couple, clad in their Corvette T-shirts, spoke about their love of Chevrolet. “He’s been a Chevy person since he started driving,” Candy said about Cletus. “His cars are more than cars, they are his babies. He’s picky about them and he takes care of them. I get a lot of exercise because we park really far away from everything.” Their salesperson was Dave Frazier at Runde Chevrolet in East Dubuque, IL. “He wasn’t high pressure,” Candy said. “High pressure doesn’t go well with me.” She said the vehicles they buy get plenty of road time. “We drive them,” Candy [...]
Runde Auto Group proudly sponsored the Key City Corvette Club picnic Tuesday at Murphy Park. Nearly 60 people attended and the food was catered by Rhody’s. Check out some pictures from the event!
If you are in touch with our blog you will remember a post about Jay Leno owning the first Corvette ZR1 (Grab the link here). In the video you can see Jay absolutely raving the marvelous machine. Hearing so much praise about a car from someone who knows a lot about the automotive world really stamps “this thing must be good” in your head. It was just another cold winter day, the office was pretty warm and I was finishing up some routine tasks when I faintly heard “Hey did you see that ZR1 out there” from the hallway. “Huh?” I wondered to myself… “a ZR1? did they mean Z06?… it couldn’t be…” Dashing outside I saw several figures surrounding a vehicle – none of them were moving. As I came closer, it seemed like my co-workers had just caught a glimpse of Medusa – stiff body, jaw stuck to the floor, speechless… It was about 15 degrees, [...]
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