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Don’t Be Fooled by Four Square

This sales technique is meant to confuse car buyers
Ever seen one of these before? If you have ever shopped at most other car dealerships, you have. In the automotive business, this worksheet is known as “Four Square.” It’s sole purpose is to distract you from the most important part of a vehicle purchase: the price. Car buying involves a lot of numbers, and this system preys on the customer’s lack of detailed knowledge and their reluctance to admit they don’t understand. Here’s how it typically works: The worksheet’s four boxes are filled in with a handwritten trade value of your current vehicle, price of the vehicle, downpayment amount, and monthly payment. The last two will be much more than you want to start with in order to begin the negotiations. Notice there is no line-by-line breakdown. Once you have told the [...]
The original band of Runde give-away stuffed “Monkey with Bandana” toys seemed dazed and confused today as a replacement model arrived on the scene. It seems that “Plain White T stuffed Monkey with Logo” toy will be taking their place as the first shipment came in. It’s always tough getting older, but it’s even more difficult to accept getting replaced by someone with less on-the-job experience. The “Monkey with Bandana” toys were around for a couple of years and were handed out on the Runde premises to children of all ages who accompanied their car-buying parents, but it was time for a change.  So we’ll say adios to the old and welcome in the new.
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