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Dave Cannon, from Manchester, IA, owns his own business — a log home maintenance company. Between going camping and repairing log homes, Dave Cannon stopped by our Manchester store to pick up a vehicle. Before he stepped out the door I managed to sneak in a few questions. What did you come in for today? I picked up my new Dodge Ram 2500. Who was your salesperson? Cory Harbach. What do you think of your salesman? He’s a good guy and he does a great job. How would you rank your overall experience here at Runde’s on a scale of 1-10? A “TEN”, everything was great, I had absolutely no problems. Good enough to recommend to a friend, eh? Oh sure, I’ll send them all over to Runde’s. What do you like to do around the area? We like to go out camping and [...]
A few months ago we had the pleasure of interviewing Amanda Hohmann. Well now the pack is back! … I guess it was never a pack, but we got two Hohmann’s here this time instead of just one – the more the merrier, I say. Amanda’s parents: Joe and Becky, came in the other day to buy a vehicle of their own. After knowing how cool of a person Amanda was, I had to sneak an interview with her parents and boy, I’m glad I did! What vehicle did you guys end up buying? A 2008 Saturn Vue. Why is it that you picked Runde’s out of all of the different dealers? Well, as you know, our daughter, Amanda, bought a car here a couple months ago. She was [...]
So Lori, tell me exactly what you do here. Pretty much everything? Parts coordinator, warranty administrator, service advisor… psychiatrist — isn’t that the one who helps people with their problems? Yea… psychiatrist, or shrink? Yea, part time shrink and… umm… yep. Sounds like you do pretty much everything. How long have you worked at Runde’s? Since 2001, almost eight years. How has the ride been for ya? Great. I used to work at Runde Chevrolet in East Dubuque as a title clerk but then I transferred up here three or four years ago. Are you originally from the area? Yep, I’ve lived in the Dubuque area all my life. What do you like to do outside of work? Chase around my grandchildren, work on my yard, the occasional boat ride, and sometimes [...]
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