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Dave and Patricia Opperman are a hardworking couple from Wadena, IA – about 60 miles out from our Hazel Green location. They took some time out of their hectic and always busy farm life to pick up a vehicle and do a little interview with me. How did you end up coming to Runde’s? I was on AutoTrader.com and found a nice ’03 Silverado that looked good and decided to give it a try. I came to Runde’s and talked with Al and ended up buying it. On a scale of 1-10, what would you rate your experience here? Oh a 10, I loved the place there were no problems. How was Al Kloft, your salesman? He’s a very interesting guy, very good. What do you like to do around the [...]
Who finds a gold ring in a car? Al Kloft (Mr. Waser’s salesmen) did just that as he was told by Charles Waser before he traded in his vehicle that he had lost his diamond gold ring quite some time ago. After looking and finding the ring on the floor of Mr. Waser’s old car, Al came up to Charles and presented him with his long-lost ring.  Charles was ecstatic and needed to get rid of some energy so I sat him down and we had a nice chat. What did you come into Runde’s today for?I bought a car – that ’05 Chevy Cavalier.   What lead you to Runde’s?  Through word of mouth — several people that I know in Elizabeth, IL suggested the place.   So you are from Elizabeth, then? Oh yea, quite a few people from [...]
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