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A BIG surprise was in store for me as I walked out to the showroom floor the other day. A beautiful Mastiff was sitting with his owner, Jesse Coulson, who was in for some service on his Colorado. Wow Jesse, that is a huge dog! How old is he? He’s 22 months old. He weighs close to 180lbs currently, I expect him to grow to around 200lbs. He’s a Mastiff right? Pretty nice dogs from what I hear.  He seems very attentive – probably a good bird watcher. They are called “Gentle Giants” and that is very true of Magnum. One time our family went on a vacation and Magnum was distressed because [...]
In for service recently was Jane Wardenburg, from Williamsburg, IA. Sitting outside with her dog attracted pretty much everyone towards her. Kids in the showroom were asking her if they could ride her horse. The two of them were nice enough to chat with me for a little bit while she get her vehicle repaired. Hello Jane, what is being serviced on your vehicle? The drivers door lock was acting up.  So they are replacing that for me. What kind of vehicle do you have? We have a ’08 Suburban. We got it here in September. What service person is helping you? I believe his name is Ron McGinnis. He has been really great. Everyone here is very good. The guy we bought the Suburban from was great  as well. How would you [...]
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