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Girls, let’s face it, we have all gotten into purchasing something or another without fully understanding what we are buying or why we need to buy it. I went into a computer repair center last week to get my computer fixed up and I could have almost sworn that the person helping me was speaking a foreign language. He was saying stuff about “ram” and “mege bytes” and “mozilla firefox”… It sort of sounded like he was talking about a japanese horror movie or something … what the heck??!!  In any case, I trusted that he knew what he was doing and ended up paying about $350.00 in repairs. He mentioned something about spyware when I went in to pick it up.  I’m not sure why it was needed and I didn’t try to negociate anything. Why? because I was confused and because I didn’t want to come off as confrontational under what seemed at the time like high pressure sales. What I SHOULD have done was [...]
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