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Traditions come in all sorts – you have your own personal traditions, your family has traditions, your religion etc. but there is little denying that one of America’s greatest shared traditions is Baseball. Chevrolet and some partners wants to make this tradition as enjoyable as possible by providing better playing conditions and education to our youth through the Diamonds and Dreams Program. The program awarded 100 youth baseball communities across the country prizes – 20 Field Makeovers, 20 Instructional Clinics and 60 Equipment Packages. Phil Caruso, Chevrolet Marketing Manager explains; “Chevrolet’s ‘Building Diamonds and Dreams’ program is another facet of our commitment to youth baseball programs across America. Every young ball player wants and deserves a ‘dream’ baseball diamond and Chevrolet along with our partners, are proud to have brought one to the winning communities.” Communities registered for the [...]
No one has hit for a .400 batting average in the Major Leagues since Ted Williams last did it in 1941.  In the 69 years since that time, George Brett probably came the closest to hitting .400 over the course of a whole season when he averaged .390 back in 1980.  Heck, it seems like the only thing more out of reach in baseball than hitting .400 would be the Cubs getting to or winning the World Series.  (That is unless Ryne Sandberg comes back as a player/manager and then I’d have to say that the World Series would be a sure thing for the Cubbies). If  achieving a .400 batting average seems extremely improbable, then would would .500 be.  And what does all this have to do with Runde’s?  Well, one of our summer workers, Jenna Schneider, of East Dubuque came back to work for Runde’s for the summer.  She attends Southern Illinois University and she worked for Runde’s [...]
 We got another fresh one coming on-board. This time we got a lively catch, Jenna Schneider. She seems to liven up the crew. Lets get to know her a little better. What do you do here at Runde’s? I take pictures and videos of cars. How long have you been here? It’s been just a couple of weeks now. Are you originally from the area? Yep. I’m from Menominee Il. Where did you go to school? I went to East Dubuque high school. What kind of past-times and hobbies do you partake in? I play volleyball, basketball and softball I also like to swim and boat. What is your favorite hang-out spot in the Tri-State area? Menominee Ball Diving. You have other [...]
I recently had the chance to sit down with Rodney and Sherry Schroeder after they purchased a vehicle from our Chevrolet store. What did you guys do here today? We just purchased a Chevy Trailblazer. What led you to get that vehicle? Well, we had a van and we were lookin’ for a seven-passenger vehicle — something different than a van. Do you have a big family? Well, we have three kids. How old are your kids and what do they do?  They are twelve, eleven and six and all of them are going to school. And what they do is drive us nuts (laughs).   Are they excited for the new vehicle? Ohhhh yes. So what are you planning to do with the vehicle? Take [...]
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