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I recently had the chance to sit down with Rodney and Sherry Schroeder after they purchased a vehicle from our Chevrolet store. What did you guys do here today? We just purchased a Chevy Trailblazer. What led you to get that vehicle? Well, we had a van and we were lookin’ for a seven-passenger vehicle — something different than a van. Do you have a big family? Well, we have three kids. How old are your kids and what do they do?  They are twelve, eleven and six and all of them are going to school. And what they do is drive us nuts (laughs).   Are they excited for the new vehicle? Ohhhh yes. So what are you planning to do with the vehicle? Take [...]
This week I had the chance to interview John Kramer. Johnny is responsible for several laughs around the PreDriven store and is a pleasure to talk with. Going out of the Runde Chevrolet building you are almost guaranteed to see the house he lives in on the western horizon as it lies on the hill across from Runde’s overlooking our every move. What do you do here at Runde’s? I’m a detailer. I do everything:  lot maintenance, checking cars for gas levels, making sure they start promptly, washing the cars and cleaning them up, and basically just making sure they are ready to go. What’s the best [...]
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