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Pat Timmerman – one of the longest lasting and friendliest faces around Runde’s. This week we got a chance to pull him away for a little bit to get to know him better. What do you do here at Runde’s? I’m the nut in the squirrel farm! I am the service manager aka “fixed operations” for the four stores. I make sure that customers are taken care of and always have staff in place to accommodate to the customer for their convenience. How long have you been doing this gig? Oh I’m not even sure… lets see… since ’96? yea, since 96 – so about 13 years. One of the originals, huh? You’ve been here so long, have you always been from the area? Yeah, I’ve pretty much always been from Dubuque. I lived [...]
My fiance, Don Stadel bought his new truck at Runde’s last October or November …. Looking forward to doing more business with Runde’s…We were so pleased with your service and honesty. It was nice to work with such an awesome team….Don was a Ford man and I changed his mind….CHEVY IS THE BEST !!!! and he is so pleased of his choice….we do BRAG on the choice that we have made….. Thanks.   Sheri Wilbanks of Elizabeth, IL         Thank you for the car care kit.  It was a nice surprise.  I am enjoying my new car.  It was nice doing business with you.  I would highly recommend your dealership.    Pat Knoup of Lena, IL     We recently had the opportunity to take [...]
Talk of the auto industry has filled the news the last few months, but what isn’t getting much attention are the incentives the auto manufacturers are offering these days. They have reached near-record numbers, and there are some great deals going on! IntelliChoice.com has named some of the best auto deals for the month of December, so check them out!! Ford Mustang Base & GT Ford Escape Hybrid Ford Employee Pricing Plu$…Up to $7,000 in combined discounts & rebates on most 2008 models  Chrysler 300C Up to $8,000 in combined discounts & rebates on Chrysler Town & [...]
Dubuque held their annual Halloween Parade last night. There were a lot of people that came out to join in the festivities. The organizers of the pararde probably would have liked a little warmer weather and a little less wind, but they couldn’t have asked for a better turn-out.  Jeff Kueter from the Runde Detail Department participarted in the parade and he said he can’t remember the last time he saw so many people in one place in Dubuque. Runde Auto Group made their first ever appearance in the parade. Our friends and family came out to pass out nerf footballs and keychains. The Runde Community Service Truck, our Split Decision truck, and our Runde golf cart were entries in the parade. We hope all of our friends in Dubuque got to see the vehicles. Everyone had a great time, and we thought we would share some photos with you! All of us at Runde’s [...]
Consumer Reports named the 2008 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab #1 in the Top Pickup Truck category. Road tests, reliability, and safety are all considered during the comparison of all vehicles in that category. Consumer Reports complemented the Silverado’s enhanced interior and steering, as well as easy access, comfortable ride, and high payload rating. SWING into Runde Auto Group and CRUISE home in your new truck!!
Anyone who is from the Tri-State area is probably familliar with and fond of the The 19th Hole restaurant in East Dubuque, IL. It’s situated halfway between Runde Chevrolet and Runde Suzuki-PreDriven on Hwy 35N. Runde employees have been enjoying food from this establishment for years. Mike Lawler (detail specialist) adds, “It’s definitely good food — the best burgers in town.” I have no problem agreeing with Mike about the burgers. Runde’s places a to-go order from the 19’th Hole probably 50 of the 52 Saturdays throughout the course of any given year and the burgers have never failed to keep this blogger’s engine firing on all cylinders. Click on the menu to the right to check out the current offerings at The 19th Hole. Of course, as their name suggests, the restaurant offers much more [...]
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