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Needless to say that this new design for the 2013 Fusion has been very well received at the Chicago Auto Show this week and people’s comments have been very favorable toward it.  The video below was shot by Runde Auto Group  — The noise in the background of the vid was coming from the new Shelby Mustang presentation across the room and we’ll post the video of that soon.  People were definitely all a-buzz about the Shelby.  But this new Fusion is definitely gorgeous. The new design is only about 1 inch longer and 1/2 inch wider than the previous Fusion, but it looks a lot longer than its predecessor mainly due to an extended wheelbase that’s almost 5 inches longer than the 2012 version.  A new inline 4-cylinder 1.6 Liter EcoBoost engine will be available on the all-new Fusion.  And this optional turbo engine will produce 179 horsepower and 172 lb-ft of torque and is [...]
As our society continues to grow, it seems like safety is a number one concern. From safety on the Internet to safety in your vehicle, there are safety upgrades integrated in almost all facets of life. Ford takes no exception to this rule as seen by the announcement of optional safety features available on the upcoming 2010 Ford Focus. Options like the teen-monitoring MyKey system (see video below for more info) and Ford’s automated parking system will be available as options  in the Escape, as well as the Escape Hybrid that go on sale this summer. Ford is aiming to spread these features across the board of their available models. While other vehicles, such as the 2010 Tarus, offer the MyKey system — the Focus is the first to implement the automated parking system.  In addition to these advanced security features, an optional rear-view camera will be available to help further protect you when driving. The Focus has already earned the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Top [...]
Chrylser Combines Employee Pricing with Rebates & 0% We’ve been in the car business for a long time and our salesmen must have heard at least a hundred times each from customers, “Call me back when they come out with 0% and rebates together. ” It wasn’t necessarily what we wanted to hear from a customer, but it’s understandable that customers want to get the best deal possible even though we thought that were waiting for the impossible to occur. No American manufacturer has ever allowed customers to use 0% financing in combination with manufacturer rebates. Customers had to choose one or the other, but they couldn’t get both … until now. Now new vehicle customers can receive the employee price on all ’08 and ’09 Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge vehicles (with the exception of the Dodge Sprinter). Customers will also receive discounts of up to [...]
The 2010 Taurus made its debut at the Detroit Auto Show and it was an instant hit.  And this chic design may just be what the doctor ordered to resurrect Ford’s flagship model.  Once upon a time (in 1985), Ford introduced the Taurus and it was immediately ridiculed by some critics who said that it resembled a jelly bean or a flying potato.  Nevertheless, the car’s popularity took off as Americans were eager to buy this mid-sized, unique-looking, front wheel drive car.  For five years straight in the 1990’s this aeronautical spud of a car outsold all other cars on the market as sales were in excess of 400,000 Taurus sedans annually.  During the late 90’s and in the post-millenium years, Taurus sales steadily declined until they discontinued production of the Taurus altogether in 2006.  Some blame the conservative designing on Ford’s part for the downfall of the Taurus.    Our household currently sports a 1996 Ford Taurus with 153,000 miles [...]
Chrysler buyers and the American Auto Industry got a shot of adrenalin earlier this week.  Because of the U.S Treasury’s recent move to provide Chrysler Financial with up to $1.5 billion in loan dollars, the lender will now offer 0% financing on select Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge models. Qualified new vehicle buyers can apply for 0% interest for up to 60 months on ’08 and ’09 model-year Jeep Grand Cherokee, Commander, Wrangler, Chrysler Town & Country, 300,  Dodge Grand Caravan, Charger, Magnum, Ram Pickup, Ram HD, and Challenger. Chrysler vice chairman and president Jim Press had this to say about the announcement, “From both a customer and dealer perspective, it is exciting news that the Treasury Department is providing funding to Chrysler Financial. Now our customers, including those with scores in the 620 range, will be able to apply for affordable loans and our dealers [...]
Talk of the auto industry has filled the news the last few months, but what isn’t getting much attention are the incentives the auto manufacturers are offering these days. They have reached near-record numbers, and there are some great deals going on! IntelliChoice.com has named some of the best auto deals for the month of December, so check them out!! Ford Mustang Base & GT Ford Escape Hybrid Ford Employee Pricing Plu$…Up to $7,000 in combined discounts & rebates on most 2008 models  Chrysler 300C Up to $8,000 in combined discounts & rebates on Chrysler Town & [...]
Francis “Francie” Fortman is one of our main car runners from Manchester. He travels to pick up vehicles traded between Runde’s and other dealers.  He also shuttles vehicles from the Manchester Ford location to East Dubuque and Hazel Green, and stops in to harass all of us before he leaves again. He always has a smile on his face, and it’s usually quite contagious! Runde Auto Chat: What is the farthest trip you have taken for a dealer trade? Francie Fortman: Working for Runde’s, I once went 1,100 miles roundtrip to Fargo, North Dakota to trade a Trailblazer for another Trailblazer. I also had to go to Detroit on a couple occasions. RAC: What is the most interesting thing you’ve seen on your trips? FF: The traffic on 494 in Minneapolis at 5:00 pm. (For some of us, it’s the reason we live here instead of the big city!) RAC: What is the best place you’ve eaten while [...]
Runde Auto Group of Manchester is anticipating the arrival of it’s newest line-up member.  The Ford Flex is an all new vehicle for 2009 and it’s a very important one for Ford as it replaces their mini-van  segment.  What?  No more mini-vans?  Evidentally Ford execs were evesdropping at wedding ceremonies where couples actually made it a part of their vows that they would: 1) never own a mini-van, and 2) not allow Michael Bolton’s music in any of their vehicles. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EVdGzE5Esg&hl=en&fs=1] Check out this video test-drive of the new Flex.  It’s interesting that the reviewer states he’s 6’4″ and he has no problems with the space inside the Flex — including the proverbial third row.  It’s also interesting that the man in the video points out that he wasn’t too fond of the looks of the vehicle before he saw it in person and how it really started to grow on him quickly once he saw [...]
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