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The Superbowl displayed one of the greatest games between two phenomenal teams. Being down 28-6 shortly after halftime, things were looking pretty dreary to the 49ers. But with new-found momentum and an urge to win, the 49ers had a wildly impressive comeback putting the heat on the Ravens. While the Ravens still won with the score being tight at 34-31, it was quite a sight to see the 49ers completely dominate the second half of the game. A sight which inspired fans as well as players such as the upcoming linebacker Darius Fleming who was there with his team watching his comrades fight back.  Darius would have probably been battling with his 49er commrades out on the field down in N’awlins if it weren’t for a season ending knee injury that he suffered earlier in the season. If you follow what’s up with NFL players and their vehicles, you may know that Darius used to drive a decked out 2010 Black Camaro that [...]
Runde’s was recently honored to have San Francisco 49ers draft pick, Darius Fleming, come in to Runde Chevrolet to pick up a smoking hot Black Camaro coupe!  Darius played for Notre Dame as an outside linebacker and is training for the 49ers currently. He found time to come from his training camp in Lake Forest, IL to pick up his Camaro from our salesman, Mark Fleege. Darius was gracious enough to let us interview him. You might be surprised by some of his unique talents and what he has in common with the movie “Rudy”! Are you originally from the area? No, I’m from the south side of Chicago.  I grew up in the Beverly area, right off of Western Ave. around 119th. Did you have a nickname growing up? My nickname was Baby-D, because I was named after my uncle.   Since his name was Darius as well, they called me Baby-D so when somebody would say “Darius” it [...]
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