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We recently had a chance to interview Perry Mason of Radio Dubuque to get an inside peek of what goes on behind the scenes of the 3rd of July Air and Fireworks Show. Since then Perry and his crew have picked up the 21 vehicles they needed from Runde’s and they are being put to good use by the troops. These are the vehicles that will serve their basic transportation needs as they travel around the Tri-State area over the next week or so.  After they arrived at the Dubuque Regional Airport the other day, we got a chance to take an up-close look at a few of the planes that will be in the show.  Enjoy a small glimpse of the planes that will be at the show!   And if you’re interested in checking the planes out in person or possibly taking a ride on one, CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.
It’s almost time for the sky to light up as the 3rd of July show is just around the corner and Gary Weiner, account executive at Total Image Marketing, is telling us how the event is organized and what goes into the planning. Going all of these years to the 3rd of July show myself, I found it interesting to hear some information from someone behind the scenes. Hello Gary, can you tell me a little bit about the event? This is the single largest event in Dubuque. This is the 24th annual year that Radio Dubuque has been involved with the event. It is a combination air-show and fireworks display. The Air Force has estimated our crowd at, well, let’s just say in the tens of thousands. Where is the show located? The central location for the show is at Bowling and Beyond’s [...]
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