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Kathy and Robert Simon were reminded today why they keep coming back to Runde Auto Group: the dealership’s dedication to customer satisfaction. The couple, of Dubuque, purchased a white 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible, but their salesman Mark Fleege didn’t disappear after the deal was complete. Mark took the time to show Kathy and Robert all the features of their new vehicle and even gave Robert a refresher course on how to drive a stick shift. “I used to get stick shifts all the time, but it has been quite a while,” Robert said. “This is seven-speed, but Mark said don’t worry about it, he’ll show me how.” This is the third vehicle they have purchased from Mark at Runde Chevrolet in East Dubuque, IL. “He has a [...]
Today’s results from the J.D. Power and Associates 2013 U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS) show just how much GM has improved in long-term reliability and durability. The Vehicle Dependability Study focuses on problems customers experienced in the past 12 months with three-year old vehicles. This year’s study was based on feedback from 37,000 owners of 2010 model year vehicles.  J.D. Power measures overall dependability by the level of problems experienced per 100 vehicles. The lower the PPH score, the higher the dependability. Highlights of the 2013 VDS include: Four segment award winners: Chevrolet Camaro, Chevrolet Tahoe, GMC Sierra HD and Buick Lucerne Seven additional GM vehicles scored in the top three in their segments GM had the lowest rate of component replacement (e.g., batteries, switches, etc.) From an owner loyalty perspective, J.D. Power found that 54 percent of customers who experienced no vehicle problems stayed loyal to the brand. This number drops to 41 percent for [...]
The face you love with the car you love – big chinned meets new muscle. One of America’s most recognized comedian and host, Jay Leno, stepped foot into unfamiliar territory to give the new 2014 C7 Corvette Stingray the once over. If you weren’t aware, Jay Leno has a few vehicles… and is a big fan of the Corvette line (he bought the very first production 2009 Corvette ZR1!) so to say Jay and Corvette’s belong together is kind of an understatement. It’s almost meant to be… like pen meeting paper or a puppy destroying your shoes. The introduction of the New Corvette to Leno did not take place in his garage as it usually would. This time Leno stepped inside a GM showroom to get the sneak peek and was accompanied by GM’s head of Design – Ed Welburn. It’s a great watch as Jay and [...]
The car that makes people giddy –  the Newest Corvette has been revealed! Sporting an aggressive look, the 2014 Corvette C7  promises to be better than any Corvette you’ve experienced and has thus deserved the famed “Stingray” title. GM Managed to take off 99 lbs out of the body structure and making it 60% stiffer, it corners at over 1g and is supposed to be faster than the previous years Grand Sport! They one-upped themselves in practically every department with the new Corvette iteration – Appearance, Performance, Quality and Technology. The Powertrain packs the small block 6.2L LT1 V8 engine boasting an estimated 450 horsepower, 450 lb.-ft. of torque and is said to be able to go from 0-60 in under 4 seconds. An available dry-sump oil system delivers through high g-force cornering. A 7-speed manual transmission with Active Rev Matching which as soon as the [...]
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