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Richard W. Fanning came to us from Janesville, WI  to purchase a brand new Silverado. He was having a great time chatting with the Runde’s Staff even though his vehicle was already ready to go. I managed to sit down for a spell with Richard and he was ecstatic to share his experiences at Runde with the rest of the world. Read on to see why Richard was so satisfied. What led you to Runde’s? Originally I found my way here by word of mouth from friends that suggested this place to me. I was here last year buying a truck. It is one of the most pleasurable dealerships I’ve ever been at and that’s going on 64 years of car and truck buying. I have been suggesting Runde’s since I’ve been here. [...]
What’s that? “That’s not new you dork!” you say? Well you know what I mean… new as in new model… get off my back, geesh. And as much as they have changed in it, it might as well be a different model all-together. Stay tuned for more information about the NEW Regal in the near future. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pt0vGuw5LZI]
Above is the official Ford NASCAR vehicle. Rolling out onto the 2010 season, the 2010 NASCAR Mustang will make it’s appearance as a vehicle that really looks nothing like the 2010 Mustang. The vehicle, although being officially credited as the NASCAR “2010 Ford Mustang,” is actually a stock NASCAR vehicle equipped with the Mustang’s logo, front-end details and name smothered all across the body. To me, it looks a little funky, but maybe that’s just me wanting to see more of the actual 2010 Mustang frame. What do you think?   [polldaddy poll=1821468]
You are the next big street racer. You get thrilled by the speed and feel of it all – going high speeds, feeling and hearing the motor sing to you as you treat it with all the gasoline your foot can put down. One day you wake up, and you can’t see anything. The doctors all tell you that you are blind from what appears to be some head trauma you experienced the other night. You lose your licence and can no longer drive. Suddenly, your world turns upside down, the things that you loved so dearly are now forcibly extinct from the rest of your life. Life isn’t always fair, not everyone can enjoy things that we take for granted. But who says that the people have this or that disability can’t have a chance to enjoy something that we can experience? Ford doesn’t see why people that can no longer see can’t, at [...]
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