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 If you follow Runde Auto Chat, you may recall a story that we ran back in the spring of this year about Mardy Gilyard, who purchased a new 2010 Camaro SS from Runde’s.  At that time, he had finished up at the University of Cincinnati, where he starred as a wide receiver and kick returner.  He was on his way to the NFL Draft Combine where he would show NFL scouts just what he was made of.   Everyone in Cincinnati and his home state of Florida already knew that Mardy was a world-class athlete and at the NFL Combine (an invite-only event) back in February, he put his talent on display for the rest of the world to see.     The St. Louis Rams took particular notice of him and, after they failed to shock the world by taking Sam Bradford [...]
Duane and Karen Altfillisch from Elizabeth, IL stopped in to purchase some more vehicles from their favorite dealer – Runde Auto Group this week. These long-time Runde’s fans granted us the time to let us interview them before going off to get some good vittles. What brought you to Runde’s? We’ve been coming here for years. I’m assuming that since you came back you “like our attitude” Oh hahaha, yes, absolutely. How many vehicles would you say you bought from us? Probably around twenty. 20? Wow, Holy cow! Yep, we’ve been buying since 1987. I heard that you had some work being done to your vehicle? Yea, they are putting on running boards and chrome handles on the truck. So for this recent purchase did you research online or did you just [...]
John Riley, who manages our Chevy Sales Department, received the following email message from one of his customers this week.  Hi John: Here’s a few photos for your scrap book. Thanks for all your help with Kathie’s Chrismas Surprise. She had no idea I had made a deal with you for a new vehicle. There was a lot of excitement at the Thor household Christmas morning. Thanks again, Randy Randy Thor of Cuba City, WI surprised his better half, Kathie, with a sophistocated new set of wheels.  He grabbed some quick photos of Kathie beside her new ride (my guess is that he didn’t have to ask her to smile).  Kathie was completely caught off guard by the 2010 Chevy Equinox that was waiting for her at home and the Thor’s had a very Merry X-Mas.      If you have an interest in [...]
Mike Lawler worked for Runde’s full-time while he went to high school.  After graduating, Mike went off to college, but he still comes back to work here when he comes back home.  While Mike was here for the Thanksgiving weekend, we took a few minutes to chat with him and find out what college life is like. RAC: Where are you going to college? ML: Western Illinois University — It’s about two and a half hours away. RAC: And do you have your own car? ML: Yeah, a 2000 Cavalier Z24. RAC: Nice.  Aluminum wheels?  Air Conditioning?  Cruise Control? ML: Yes sir. RAC: Prodigious!  Do you like college so far? You’re going to the school in Macomb, IL right? ML: Yeah the school’s nice.  Macomb’s a smaller town – I think it’s about 20,000 people.   RAC: Runde’s sells a lot of vehicles to people from Macomb.  Do you see any cars that you maybe got [...]
The all new Equinox’s have landed here at Runde’s and they’ve received nothing but great reviews so far. With room to spare, power to go, great gas mileage, and a sleek and appealing design … the all new Equinox is the vehicle to have whether you have a family or just desire a nice ride that will hold a lot of stuff. It will easily store your strollers, bikes and coolers full of food for your trip out to Noah’s Ark this summer. Check out the walkaround below to get up close and personal with the Equinox: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4myXMNj3WBc] If you want more information about how the Equinox can help you and your family get the most out of a vehicle this summer, give us a call at 866-735-5200 and we will be more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have.
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