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Thomas, Shelia and their daughters: Hannah, Hailey and Heather Hinman (the triple H’s)  from Hazel Green, WI came in the other day to upgrade to a more spacious vehicle. While the girls played, the parents took care of business.  Soon they were ready to roll out with their new set of wheels,  but I couldn’t let them go without letting the world hear their story! Hey guys! Thanks for waiting up to do an interview with me. What brought you into Runde’s today? We needed a car that would fit our family and wanted to stay local for the purchase. What led you to Runde’s instead of a different dealership? Shelia: I’ve lived around this area my whole life and know Runde’s to be a good place by reputation. What vehicle did you end up buying? We got a 2008 Chevy Impala. We needed a family car and it’ll [...]
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