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Runde Auto Group Blog

Runde News, Industry Updates & Tri-State Happenings

Keith Pickel stopped by Runde Chevrolet today to pick up his new 2008 Silverado K1500. Keith is from Platteville, WI and he drives vehicles for a local business. We chatted with him for a few moments before he took his new rig home to show his wife.Runde Auto Chat: What’s the first thing you’ll do with your truck? KP: I’m going to Chicago tomorrow to show the truck to my son. RAC: How often do you usually get a new truck? KP: About every 4 years. RAC: What did you think of the whole truck buying process here at Runde’s? KP: It was the best deal I got … I really liked it. RAC: What’s you’re favorite place to eat in the area? KP: The Three Mile House just up the hill. RAC: Are you tired of all the snow yet? KP: Heck yes. Who [...]
Runde’s first Hybrid Tahoe is currently on the lot and available for test-drives. Several of the staff members at Runde Chevrolet have driven the vehicle and were impressed with the fit and finish of the vehicle. This is something that GM certainly didn’t rush to get out on the market. They really did their homework and took their time in the development stages and the result is an extremely q uiet, fuel-efficient, full-size 4WD SUV that looks like it should cost about $10,000 more than the list price.CLICK HERE for a VIDEO WALK AROUND of the new 2008 TAHOE HYBRID ! The first thing that struck me was the exterior look of the Hybrid. It has a real upscale look with unique and refined aluminum wheels and it can easily be identified as a hybrid — mainly due to the fact that it says [...]
This is Lori Schoenberger who manages the Runde PreDriven Service Department. She is shown here proudly displaying the arrangement of flowers that was given to her by her sweetheart for Valentines.      Sue Hanger is one of the Accountants for Runde Chevrolet. Her husband Kevin had this lovely floral display shipped in from Paris … well maybe not quite that far. It’s clear that Sue is still Kevin’s #1 Valentine and vice versa. Lisa Rigdon wasn’t about to be shown up on Valentines Day by her co-workers. Lisa handles vehicle titles and works out of the Runde Chevrolet upstairs office. Her husband put a smile on her face with this decadent bouquet of flowers.
 If you already own a vehicle that is E85 compatible, I’m sure that you’re well-versed about the benefits of the fuel. E85 is a fuel made from a mixture of 15% regular gasoline and 85% Ethanol that’s made from corn or other grains. This fuel is great for our local economy because it uses corn as a component. It also helps our national security by decreasing our dependence on foreign oil. You must have a vehicle designed to work with E85 however. The 10% Ethanol blend, or E10 as it is sometimes called, is fine to burn in all late model vehicles and has been available for quite some time at the pump, but an E85 compatible vehicle can burn the higher concentration of 85% Ethanol. This is because E85 vehicles are produced with specialized fuel system components designed to handle E85 as well as an engine management enabled to deal with the different properties [...]
  This is something really neat that Runde Auto Group wants to share with you. Shauna Fleming has created a website that helps put normal US residents in touch with military troops. Her unique website is calledAMillionThanks.org, and what she is doing is nothing short of amazing. Shauna is a high school student from Lutheran High School in Orange, California, and she started a national campaign to collect and distribute one million letters of appreciation and emails of thanks to our current and past military service members. Shauna was originally challenged by her father, Michael, to get her school to do something positive for the military men and women serving our country. Her efforts have grown exponentially as she has reached a national audience via the internet and she has done a world of good in the few short years that her site has been up and running. A Million Thanks is a year-round campaign [...]
Today we found ourselves digging out of yet another snowstorm as Mother Nature decided to blanket our area with a foot of snow. It was actually a very pretty day, until you had to get in your vehicle and actually drive someplace. Whether you were heading to work, to the store, or to get your taxes done — the roadways proved treacherous as plows couldn’t keep up with the rate the snow was coming down. As of right now the storm that hovered over the Tri-State area for most of Wednesday is now heading in the right direction — away from us. Almost all schools were closed in the region today and many people were sent home from work early, but overall the Missippi Valley area coped admirably with day’s abominable weather. It’s closing [...]
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