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You may have already seen these photos, however they are still the most accurate pictures of the new Camaro that will be released not too far off in the future. First, they are the only ones around showing the final headlight design. All of the ones that have been released to this point still have the temporary set up headlamps. Also these particular shots are the only ones around of the production version of the long-awaited Camaro convertible. If you’re interested in putting your name on a sign-up list to order one of the very first new Camaro’s that will come off the GM production line, then please contact the sales department at Runde Chevrolet at 800-947-8633
General Motors announced recently that it’s adding the 2009 Buick Lucerne to its flex-fuel lineup. The alternative-fuel version of the Lucerne can be selected as a no-cost option and can run on gasoline or E85 or any combination of the two. This means the Lucerne thus has the distinction of becoming the first flex-fuel passenger car from Buick. The Lucerne was named after Lake Lucerne in Switzerland. I had the good fortune of spending a couple days there in the spring of 1993 and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to travel abroad. “Timeless beauty” would accurately describe the lake and the city surrounding it. It is easily one of the most scenic locations in the heart of Europe.   GM said the Lucerne will be among more than 15 of its models with flex-fuel capability for the 2009 model year, up from 11 models this year. Some vehicles that [...]
On average, Tri-State residents are paying $3.84 for a gallon of gas this week according to IowaStateGasPrices.com. While rising gas costs are no surprise, motorists are trying to all sorts of ways to be more gas efficient. I know that I personally have been shifting into neutral more often and coasting down hills gradual slopes. If you want an idea on the lengths people are willing to go to save a few bucks click here.Experts are now saying that gas prices will eventually go back down – probably to around $3 a gallon, although it might take another year for prices to get there. However, for those of us who are not willing to take up jogging as our primary form of transportation to eliminate the pinch at the pump — check out these gas saving tips: FuelEconomy.gov Keep an eye on your tire pressure: Under-inflated tires not only pose a safety hazard, but [...]
On its GMNext website, Chevrolet recently revealed that it ran the ZR1 Corvette all the way up to 205 mph at a test track in Papenburg, Germany. Luckily they installed a video camera on the inside of the car to capture the footage for the world to see. Life can move pretty fast, but this car simply flies down that straightaway … just goes to show what 638 horsepower can do for you. The test track that they’re on is in Papenburg, Germany. The track was build in 1985 about 80 miles west of Bremen, Germany. It is operated by a Mercedes-Benz’s affiliate Automotive Testing Papenburg (ATP). It’s a 7.7 mile oval track that’s out in the middle of what appears to be farmland according to the satellite photo (see photo below). As for the ZR1, there are many out there who are anticipating her arrival. But for now we’ll all just have to wait. [...]
If you have some spare time over the next couple weeks, drive by Runde Chevrolet in E. Dubuque and check out the Split Decision truck – a completely customized Chevy 4500 Kodiak crew cab. If you can’t make it over to E. Dubuque, don’t sweat it … you’ll probably see it at various events around the Tri-state area this summer. You can also check out the matching Split Decision Baja cruiser over at Hawkeye Boat Sales in Dubuque. Thanks for taking the time to read this and we hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend. [...]
Diane Casey and her husband came in a couple weeks ago to purchase a new Chevy Silverado half-ton truck. When they were in to pick up the new truck, their salesman (Mark Fleege) let them know that Runde’s just got in some promotional “Nerf-like” mini footballs. He intended to grab a couple of the footballs for them and proceeded to ask them how many kids they had so he would know how many footballs to get. Diane’s husband said that Diane has about 20 kids. You see Diane is a 1st grade teacher up at Cuba City Elementary School. So Mark grabbed her a bunch of the footballs to take to her class. A week later, Mark received the following thank-you note in the mail that we’d like to share with you:
If you reside in the Tri-State Area, you may recall an article on the front page of the Telegraph Herald newspaper on May 19th of 2007. The article was titled “Vehicle won’t be flying off the lot: Auto dealer won’t sell truck until baby birds in nest on tire leave” … and it started out saying, “A bird family weighing all of a few ounces is holding a 5,000-pound truck hostage outside of East Dubuque. A pair of robins choose an unlikely spot to build a nest — on top of the left rear tire of a red truck on the lot at Runde Suzuki and PreDriven Vehicles, a mile east of town on Highway 35. From the perfectly round nest tucked under the wheel well of the 2005 Chevrolet Silverado, the parents come and go, feeding three nestlings and scolding humans who get too close.” The owner of Runde PreDriven/Suzuki, Jeff Runde, [...]
I highly recommend Runde Auto Group to everyone! Everyone at Runde’s is so nice and friendly. Nathan Finn of E. Dubuque, IL I was very satisfied with Runde Auto Group. This was the first time I bought a vehicle where I felt that I was the one that got the good deal. Mike Menster of Cascade, IA I was very happy with the salesman I dealt with! I feel that Rob truly is a definite asset to the dealership! Dennis Olson of Avoca, WI This is a very nice dealership. I would recommend them to anyone. Scott Allison of Macomb, IL Wayne Konrardy is an outstanding sales rep and certainly a huge benefit to Runde’s. Also their rental department just gave my fishing group a sweet deal on a rental van for a trip. Thanks a lot !! Michael Muenster of Dubuque, [...]
I ran across this and found it fascinating. Something like this could really have come in handy as I was stuck in traffic for about 25 minutes while waiting to cross the Julien Dubuque Hwy 20 bridge two nights ago. Even though it literally takes off, I’m skeptical if this invention will really “take off”. I would definitely save a lot of time and save on gas money with one of these, but I can’t help but wonder how long it would take the fire department to get me out of a set of power lines … [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTNz6NftP34&hl=en&fs=1] After reading up on it a bit more, I found that Mr. Neal’s invention is very similar to a gyrocopter, but his machine is the first patented one with foldable blades.         
Here at Runde’s we now have links to home-made video walk-arounds for the majority of our new vehicle models at www.RundeAutoGroup.com New technology has enabled our four stores to capture videos of new vehicle models for customers to check out online and that should aid customers with their online vehicle research. Granted it’s not professional grade photography, but keep in mind that we don’t have Ansel Adams working here — at least not yet. I think the videos will give customers a good live view of the vehicle they’re most interested in and that’s a great tool to have.There’s only so much that photos can capture, and video is quickly becoming the new step for putting vehicle information and images out there in front of potential Runde customers. We’re not to the point where we can physically put customers in our vehicles while they’re sitting at home, but this is probably the [...]
Melissa Blitgen stopped by our East Dubuque store today to pick up her new ride. Melissa lives about 15 miles to the south in Bellevue, Iowa so if you’re from that area you may see her cruising around in her Mitsubishi convertible. Melissa was kind enough to answer a few questions and tell us a little bit about herself before driving off into the sun-filled horizon with the top down. Runde Auto Chat : What kind of car did you buy? Melissa Blitgen: A 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder Convertible. RAC: Where is the first place you’ll take your new ride? MB: Home. RAC: Do you think your car is a male of a female? Will you name the car? MB: Definitely female … I’ll have to let you know once I come up with the perfect name? RAC: What’s [...]
Greg, I have had several compliments on our new SUV both here in Dubuque and in Des Moines, IA. This vehicle performs and rides a lot better than our old one. Janet and the kids enjoy it very much. Thank you for working with us on it. I’d like to express my appreciation on how we feel with you and your family’s dealership. They have worked with my family on our purchases, maintenance and body work. Pat Timmerman and his people in the service department are greatly appreciated as well. In this day and age it is extremely comforting to know that there is an Auto Dealership out there that customers can rely on such as Runde’s. Again, thanks for everything. Bob GreenDubuque, Iowa The Green Family’s new ride
OnStar will soon be releasing their new Vehicle Slow-Down Technology. This new feature will be available on a number of 2009 GM vehicles equipped with OnStar – and trust us it’s a feature that you never want take advantage of. The technology was developed to assist police officers in recovering stolen vehicles. The chief advantage of this new technology is to stop high-speed chases, for which police departments around the country are taking heat for. Nearly 40% of high-speed chases result in property damage and almost 25% result in injury or death. OnStar predicts that it will conduct about 600 vehicle slowdowns a year when the service reaches full distribution. It will be available on 19 models for 2009. I’m sure this means that car theives will eventually learn to check first before stealing a vehicle equipped with OnStar. Related OnStar customer testimonial: http://www.onstar.com/us_english/jsp/popup/explore/basics/real_stories/porter.jsp
Anyone who is from the Tri-State area is probably familliar with and fond of the The 19th Hole restaurant in East Dubuque, IL. It’s situated halfway between Runde Chevrolet and Runde Suzuki-PreDriven on Hwy 35N. Runde employees have been enjoying food from this establishment for years. Mike Lawler (detail specialist) adds, “It’s definitely good food — the best burgers in town.” I have no problem agreeing with Mike about the burgers. Runde’s places a to-go order from the 19’th Hole probably 50 of the 52 Saturdays throughout the course of any given year and the burgers have never failed to keep this blogger’s engine firing on all cylinders. Click on the menu to the right to check out the current offerings at The 19th Hole. Of course, as their name suggests, the restaurant offers much more [...]
“I have been extremely happy with both the sales and service offered at Runde’s. I will always look to them first when buying a vehicle.” Mike Birkett of Hazel Green, WI “Tim Runde is a nice person to talk to. Their office and service people are very nice too!” Gerald White of Galena, IL   “Awesome dealership. I look forward to working with Runde’s on my next purchase.” Todd Ostwinkle of Cedar Rapids, IA “Runde is a great dealership. No hassle business – Tim Runde is very easy to work with.” Bill McFadden of Apple River, IL    
Buying a late-mode pre-owned Ford just got a little bit easier. Ford recently announced that they will begin an extensive program to enhance the warranty plans for its used vehicles. They extended their Certified Used Program’s powertrain warranty from six years or 75,000 miles from the original date of sale to six years or 100,000 miles. It has also added a three month or 3,000 mile comprehensive warranty for all Certified Pre-Owned Ford Vehicles along with a 24-hour roadside assistance program.The company is saying that there are many reasons for the change. Whatever the case, it’s great news for Ford buyers and anyone who likes the refreshed look of the Ford lineup. Ford is currently offering low interest rates (as low as 2.9%) on select Certified used Fords and Mercury’s. If you’re interested in hearing more [...]
There are 36 inches in a yard. 36 is the atomic number of Krypton. There are 36 barleycorns in an English foot. In the year 36 AD Emperor Kuang Wu Ti of China defeated the last of the warlords and reunited the country. In a perfect five star triangle, the angle of each tip measures 36 degrees. The probability of throwing double six on two dice is one in 36. William Shakespeare wrote 36 plays. And for those of you familiar with the Pittsburg Steelers: For many years, if you saw the number 36 it meant that The Bus was coming. Of course remember that 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 = 36. What’s all the hubbub about 36 ? Well Chevrolet recently announced that they have achieved an impovement on the fuel ecomony of the 2008 Chevy Cobalt. Now any LS or LT [...]
All of your staff @Runde was very helpful. I felt very relaxed as they tried to fit my needs. I wasn’t pressured into buying a vehicle that wasn’t right for me. I really appreciate your time and service. Keep up the good work.  Brittany Conrad of Dubuque, IAI have purchased a lot of new and used vehicles in my 64 years but, I have never been treated with as much respect and courtesy as I received from all the folks at Runde’s. I will do all my service work at this dealership even though it’s 35 miles from my home and there are several places in my town to have service work done. I have already and will continue to refer friends and family to Runde’s. Dianne Brady of Maquoketa, IA Our Sales Person was extremely helpful and courteous! He made finding and purchasing the right vehicle hassle-free and timely. I will be recommending Runde [...]
According to the New York Times: Ford Motor Co. is selling its luxury brands Jaguar and Land Rover to Tata Motors Ltd. in India. This was announced last week and will undoubtedly expand the Indian car company’s marketshare around the world. Of course it will also give Jaguar and Land Rover the badly needed funds to refresh and expand their vehicle offerings. The sale had been on the drawing board for months as Ford was seeking money to fund its turn-around plans. Check out the full story: Click Here. This is great news for Ford buyers as the company will be able to narrow their focus and devote the new funding to research and ultimately cut the lag time in between model change-overs. In fact, Ford has now resolved to remodel their vehicles every three years. Derrick Kuzak, vice president of Ford global product development, recently [...]
I came across this today and found it to be very interesting. Technology of the future that may not be so far off in the future after all. What if the cost of refilling your car was less that a dollar. No I’m not talking about electric cars that you have to plug in for 24 hours.[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztFDqcu8oJ4&hl=en&fs=1]       Who would have thought that it was a Frenchman that came up with this? Well this former Formula One engineer may have something here. Completely powered by compressed air in carbon fiber lightweight air tanks. Could be revolutionary. Could be just yesterday’s news by the time tomorrow rolls around. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.
  “Clean and smooth transaction in everyway! Thanks!” Geoff Cox of Stockton, IL“Wayne Konrardy is an excellent professional sales consultant. He answered all our questions. We felt important and pampered. We loved his laid back professional personality. We will recommend him to everyone.” Mary Laugesen of Dubuque, IA “Rob did a very nice job. It was very busy that day, but he answered all of our questions and treated us very well.” Nick Kremer of Cascade, IA “Probably one of the best buying experiences we’ve had. It was the best vehicle orientation we’ve ever had!!” Dan Kautz of LaPorte City, IA  
Working for a GM dealership, the benefits of the GM Certified Used Vehicle program is something that has become permanently chiseled in our minds. But for customers who don’t deal with this stuff everyday, GM vehicle certification may seem a somewhat foreign term. So I thought I’d take up a little space here to go over the ins and outs of what a GM Certified Used Vehicle actually is.To even be considered for the GM Certified program, a vehicle must be 2003 model year or newer, with fewer than 60,000 miles. These are vehicles that either meet GM’s rigid standards for quality or they won’t be certified.     GM Certified Used Vehicles (Buick, Chevrolet, GMC, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac) are available at Runde Auto Group, and all feature: 100,000-Mile/5-Year Powertrain Limited Warranty — Now, [...]
Mandy Augustin of Dubuque recently picked up her new ride that she bought at our Chevy store in East Dubuque. She really wanted to get going to enjoy her new set of wheels and the warm spring- like weather, but we appreciate the fact that she took a couple minutes to chat with us. Runde Auto Chat: What kind of car did you buy? Mandy Augustin: A 2002 Ford Focus. RAC: Where’s the first place you’ll take you’re new car? MA: Home. RAC: Do you think your car is male or female? MA: Definitely female. RAC: Will you give her a name? MA: Don’t know yet … undecided. RAC: What’s the best thing about your new ride? MA: It’s mine! RAC: Do you have a favorite spot in the Tri-State area? MA: Anywhere by or on the Mississippi River. RAC: If [...]
  Frank Oresnik of southeastern Wisconsin achieved a major milestone on February 9, 2008, when his gas-engine 1991 Chevy Silverado pickup with a reached 1,000,000 miles on it’s odometer and the truck still has it’s original engine. Frank had a camera crew and local radio stations capture the event. He passed the million-mile mark in southeastern Wisconsin while on his way back home to Catawba, located in the north in Price County, about an hour west of Rhinelander.   GM is now featuring Frank and his truck, which he calls “the old girl,” in a National commercial that you can view below. Frank bought his truck in 1996 with only 41,000 miles on it and has since used it for his personal business delivering seafood and steaks around the upper Midwest. Oresnik credits his 1 millionth mile to his regular oil changes — he said that the truck has had over 300 oil changes in [...]
“We have purchased three new vehicles and several used (from Runde’s) and have been more than satisfied. We have recommended Runde’s to several people and will continue to do so.” Jim Muir of Epworth, Iowa “I’ll be sixty this month. I bought my first car in 1967 (Chevy Camaro) and through the years have bought several new vehicles, but never have experienced such an awesome dealership. Thanks so much.” Don Myers of Dodgeville, WI “Flop (nickname for Mark Fleege) is absolutely the best salesperson Runde could ask for! He is the most helpful, kind, DOWN TO EARTH person who immediately makes a person feel welcome! I never once felt like he was trying to ‘sell’ us anything. He is not the typical salesman. There really should be more of that style salesperson around. He definitely made my purchase an enjoyable one! I will be back [...]
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