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As Americans, September 11th is a date that will forever be ingrained into our minds. If asked where they were and what they were doing at the time of the Twin Tower attacks, most of us would be able to describe everything in great detail. If you were watching the Olympics last Monday, you would’ve seen a Chevy commercial featuring a pretty beat up Silverado with a Ladder 5 sign on the back. The pickup belongs to Craig Monahan, a member of the FDNY. He was off-duty at the time of the attacks, and got called in. He had 2 other firefighters with him as they drove in from Staten Island. They parked the truck near the south tower, and watched both towers collapse. He then crawled into the rubble to find the 11 missing firefighters from his firehouse, Engine 24/Ladder 5. When he got back to his truck, he noticed the falling depris [...]
I sat down with Al Dellabella, the Sales Manager at Runde Buick in Cuba City. He is a tough guy to catch! I almost had to handcuff him to his chair to get the interview completed. Just Kidding! He had some very interesting stories, and is a great guy to talk to. Runde Auto Chat: How long have you worked at Runde Cuba City? Al Dellabella: Before it became Runde Buick, it was Dellabella Motors. I worked there for about 30 years, and have been working for Runde’s for about 6 years. RAC: What do you like most about working here? AD: The clientele and internal personnel; We are a real team (He referred to them as the “Cuba City Connection”) RAC: Any favorite restaurants in the area? AD: Brewery Creek in Mineral Point – Our son works there, and I really enjoy the atmosphere. For a [...]
Check out the following video review of the Buick Enclave from Barbara Terry. Her comments are in-line with everything that our current Enclave owners are telling us. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0XKye0m7jU&hl=en&fs=1] If you’ve been wondering what the Enclave drives like, please stop up at our Buick store in Cuba City, WI and they’ll be more than happy to send you out on a test-drive.  We’re sure that you’ll fall in love with the ride of the Enclave after just a few minutes in it.  As for the look of the vehicle … well that speaks for itself. For more videos and information, please check out what Jean Jennings has to say about the Enclave at Motor Trend’s online site.  Click on the following link:  http://www.motortrend.com/gm/buick/index.html
Runde’s level of service, expertise, and honesty is unsurpassed. Simply the best auto dealer and buying experience anywhere! Ernie Shortness of London Mills, IL   This (new Chevy Aveo) was purchased to replace a car that had been totaled. I wanted the exact car again. The salesman searched and found the closest match around. He was extremely helpful! Tony Walz of Bloomington, WI   The salesman actually made buying a vehicle a pleasant experience. He didn’t waste our time. Gordon Schaver of Fulton, IL   We have been to several other dealerships and Runde blew everyone else out of the water especially with their knowledge about the vehicles and their selection of vehicles. We came to Runde’s from four hours away and have never been more satisfied. Joseph Stodola of Manitowoc, WI         [...]
If you’re ever in the Mississippi Valley region of the Tri-States and looking for something to do, drive up to Dickeyville, Wisconsin to the Grotto. I visited the Grotto this week. I have never seen anything like it. Growing up in Southeast Iowa, we didn’t have anything close to this. It was built between 1925 and 1930 by the priest of the parish, Father Matthias Wernerus. It combines two American ideals – love of God and love of country. He collected many different materials from around the world – colored glass, gems, heirlooms of pottery or porcelain, stalagmites or stalactites (cone- or icicle-shaped mineral deposit built up on the floor or roof of a cavern, formed from the dripping of mineral-rich water), sea shells, starfish, petrified sea urchins and fossils, corals, amber glass, agate, quartz, iron, copper, lead, fool’s gold, rock crystals, onyx, amethyst, and petrified wood and moss.
Quite a few employees at Runde have some kind of pet at home, so we decided to compile a collection of photos to share with everyone. Sue Hanger’s hop-a-long house pets Sue’s son Brandon and Eagle We thought Eagle was a male, but we now have reason to think he is actually a she and could be having babies. If anyone is interested, please let us know! Sue’s son Brian and Oreo Jeff Runde’s boy in the hood Milo – Jack Russel Jenna Moser’s pooches Riley [...]
The release of the newest member of Chevrolet’s Crossover/SUV family is quickly approaching. The 2009 Traverse, a 7- or 8-passenger crossover vehicle, will become available this fall. This practical and flashy SUV is going to open a lot of eyes when it graces us with it’s presence at Runde Chevrolet in East Dubuque. The Traverse has 4 available trim levels, similar to the other Chevrolet models. The LS has the essentials, but cuts costs by leaving off all the extra ‘bells and whistles’ offered for the vehicle. Next come the 1LT and 2LT, offering a few more options than the LS, and last is the LTZ, the ‘Top Dawg’ offering all of the extra options you could think of. The Traverse offers fantastic fuel-efficiency, getting 24 Miles Per Gallon in the Front Wheel Drive version on the highway. The All Wheel Drive version averages an impressive 23 MPG on the open road. The 7-passenger package offers 1st row bucket seats, [...]
  Jeff Mohr Many people call us for service work, but don’t really get to know the people actually doing the dirty work. Jeff Mohr is one of the guys in our Hazel Green garage. I took a few minutes of his time…well, actually I wasted it, but he got over it quickly! Runde Auto Chat: Do you have any hobbies or interests? Jeff Mohr: I like to play electric guitar…(He really meant Guitar Hero…Just Kidding!) RAC: Any siblings or significant others? JM: I have two sisters.   RAC: Are you married yet? JM:  I do have a girlfriend.  Her name is Linsey. RAC: Did you grow up around here? JM: Yes, in Dubuque. RAC: What kind of car do you drive?                                          JM: 1991 Jeep Wrangler RAC: What would you do with a million dollars? JM: Take the PreDriven staff on a cruise…(Remember this guys…you may want to redeem at [...]
The executives of Sirius and XM radio announced the completion of the company merger on July 29th, 2008. There is much excitement surrounding the company’s future, and both parties are foreseeing great things for them in the future. The merged company is known as Sirius XM Radio, and both brands will continue to operate as they have, as two seperate entities. They are in the process of creating some new packages that combine stations from both XM and Sirius. They will offer “Best Of” package that contains premium stations from both providers. Also, the “Mostly Music” and “Sports/News/Talk” packages will combine stations from both as well. Any receivers already in circulation as well as any new hardware purchased will be compatible with the new programming. This is especially great news for our business. As a GM and Ford dealership, 90% of the new vehicles we sell have either XM or Sirius rado. From now on, [...]
Runde Auto Group of Manchester is anticipating the arrival of it’s newest line-up member.  The Ford Flex is an all new vehicle for 2009 and it’s a very important one for Ford as it replaces their mini-van  segment.  What?  No more mini-vans?  Evidentally Ford execs were evesdropping at wedding ceremonies where couples actually made it a part of their vows that they would: 1) never own a mini-van, and 2) not allow Michael Bolton’s music in any of their vehicles. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EVdGzE5Esg&hl=en&fs=1] Check out this video test-drive of the new Flex.  It’s interesting that the reviewer states he’s 6’4″ and he has no problems with the space inside the Flex — including the proverbial third row.  It’s also interesting that the man in the video points out that he wasn’t too fond of the looks of the vehicle before he saw it in person and how it really started to grow on him quickly once he saw [...]
Consumer Reports named the 2008 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab #1 in the Top Pickup Truck category. Road tests, reliability, and safety are all considered during the comparison of all vehicles in that category. Consumer Reports complemented the Silverado’s enhanced interior and steering, as well as easy access, comfortable ride, and high payload rating. SWING into Runde Auto Group and CRUISE home in your new truck!!
GM implemented their “Project Driveway” program a few years ago. The test-drive program allows GM to partner with consumers or companies who agree to driving GM’s fuel cell vehicles in a “lab rat” type of situation. Yesterday, GM announced a newest member of the program, the world’s first and largest market test of fuel cell vehicles. Chevrolet and the United States Postal Service have teamed up for a trial-run of Hydrogen-powered fuel cell Chevy Equinoxes. Two of the USPS locations will be using them. Irvine, CA is the only one released so far, with a second releasing soon. The Equinox fuel cell car will be used 6 days a week on regular delivery routes. This is not the first time the Postal Service has joined forces with GM. In 2004, they tried out a HydroGen3 fuel cell vehicle in the Northern Virgina area, with Irvine, California copying them in 2006. Both of these programs ended in [...]
The Runde Auto Group Golf Outing took place Saturday, August 2nd at Lacoma Golf Course in East Dubuque, Illinois. We played the Gold Course, one of 4 courses on-site. Lacoma is made up of two 9-hole golf courses, one 18-hole course, and a Par 3 course. Luckily, we had a beautiful sunny day for the event, and I think everyone had a great time! The overall winners with a four-under par 32 were Casey Fluhr, Dave Schnoor, and Mark Fleege. Second place went to Dave Frazier and Jeff “Lenny” Keuter with a three-under par 33. As for a special award that did not exist (but should have), the ‘Outstanding Driver’ award goes to Becky Kuhl. She managed to throw her playing partner, Nick Rokusek, out of the cart without even trying! A big thank you to everyone who participated, to Lacoma for providing their facilities [...]
GM recently unveiled the production version of the 2010 Camaro. Many reporters and consumers expressed their amazement of how true the production model is to the concept. They were also amazed to learn about the technology, safety and performance features included in the Camaro, the new definition of the 21st Century Sports Car. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_oPqnh1Blo&hl=en&fs=1]  Here are some Camaro highlights: Design • Sleek styling with heritage-inspired cues and 10 available exterior colors. • Detailed interior with excellent attention to detail and available ambient LED lighting technology. • RS Appearance Package available on LT and SS, with HID headlamps that include integrated “halo ring” feature, spoiler, specific taillamps and 20-inch wheels. Technology • Bluetooth wireless technology for compatible phones. • Premium Boston Acoustics 9-speaker, 245 watt audio system with subwoofer available as an option (first for Chevrolet model). • USB connectivity available as an option. • Ultrasonic Rear Parking [...]
I’m sure you all have seen an Equinox while you were out and about getting groceries or going to the bank, and wondered…”Ooh, I like that! What is it?!” Chevrolet introduced it in 2005, and it is one of the most popular SUVs on the market. I took one for a spin the other day and did the walk-around video. It rides so smooth! I loved all the extra options it offered, and the price didn’t reflect all of the extra stuff it had. XM, OnStar, All-Wheel Drive, and Power moonroof makes this vehicle even hotter to drive down the highway. Check out my Equinox video, and give Runde’s a call to take a test drive!
I’m sure most of you have heard of the Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman flick, “The Bucket List”. Today, I wanted the public to get a more in-depth look at the employees of Runde; Let everyone know what they want to experience or achieve in their lifetimes…before they ‘kick the bucket’. Cory Harbach: 1) Experience Vegas to its fullest 2) Build a classic Maverick with his son, Zack who is 10 years old now Curt Lammers: 1) Reach contentment (When asked to define it, he couldn’t…Ha!) 2) Win a BASS tournament 3) Retire (He wouldn’t tell me if he would stay in Iowa or move…) Matt Sieverding: 1) Drive 200 MPH in a car I own 2) Live a healthy, quality life Joe Behnke: 1) Own an island in the Bahamas 2) Hang in the Playboy mansion with Hugh Hefner and the girls Dave [...]
We have reached the middle of summer, the time of year everyone is spending time on the river or in the pool. I know a few people at Runde are starting diets or have been on them for a while. Chris Anderson started the Atkins diet a couple weeks ago, and Chris said he feels like it is working for him.Summer is also a very busy time for people, and eating out can become a habit. What most people don’t realize is that one meal at a chain restaurant can account for a whole day’s calories. They are not required to inform the public of the nutritional facts of their menus, so they make it a goal to not let us find out. Restaurants are beginning to make food better for us, but there is still a long way to go. Maybe states should start passing laws like [...]
[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1cnGmbeVJE&hl=en&fs=1] Chevrolet will release the Silverado Hybrid late in the fall of 2008 (in limited quantities). It has a two-mode engine, allowing for 5 power combinations. The first mode can work in 3 ways: electric, engine power, or a mixture of the two. These are used in low speed, light load conditions for optimal fuel efficiency. The second mode is used for highway speeds, allowing the truck the capacity to run in either a four-cylinder or eight-cylinder modes. They offer the ability to tow or handle rough conditions. This engine allows for 40% more efficienct city driving and 25% more efficient highway driving. The truck has all the available options as the other Silverados, but a new fuel efficiency gage is available in the hybrid. It tells you if the truck is operating at the optimum level. Chevy takes pride in the high-quality, dependable vehicles they produce, and the Silverado Hybrid is no exception.
Most people are aware of the male racecar drivers, but what many don’t know is there are many female drivers making their way up the ranks as well. Most have heard of Danica Patrick, but she is definitely not the only female competing on the racing circuit. There are a couple developmental racing curcuits in the United States that serve as stepping stones for those trying to race with the ‘big boys’. Champ Car Atlantic Championships (A.K.A. Atlantic) Cooper Tires sponsor the Atlantic racing series, which holds events across North America during their season. This is the top developmental open-wheel racing series. Most competitors make the jump up to the highest level from this circuit. Simona de Silvestro Date of Birth: September 1st, 1988 Hometown: Thun, Switzerland Simona won her season-opener in 2008 at Long Beach. She races Formula BMWs. She was the first woman in history to earn spots on the [...]
One of Don “Krunch” Kronlage’s customers was nice enough to talk with me for a couple minutes while his vehicle was getting ready to take home. Runde Auto Chat: What did you like most about the process and how business was conducted here at Runde? Frank Riese: It was simple, and Don was thorough in answering all my questions. RAC: What kind of vehicle did you buy? Were there any options or features that you were specifically looking for? FR: I bought a Chevy 2500 truck. I wanted a good used truck with just the basic options. RAC: What purpose is this vehicle going to serve: busienss, family travel, etc.? FR: It will be used for both family and business. RAC: Do you have any children or grandchildren? FR: I have 3 children and 6 grandchildren. (A couple of them were with him when he [...]
Looking for a fuel-efficient midsize car? Check out the new Chevrolet Malibu!! Chevy offers 3 engines: a 2.4 Liter averaging 30 Miles Per Gallon on the highway, a 2.4 Liter hybrid at 32 MPG, and a 3.6 Liter V6 that still has the ability to get 26 MPG. The Malibu has 3 trim levels (LS, LT, & LTZ) and the Hybrid available to create the perfect vehicle with all the options the customer could want! CLICK HERE to View the Malibu Video!
Donna was patiently waiting for our service department to finish working on her car, so I sat down and talked with her for a few minutes. She is a very nice lady!! (And kind enough to answer random questions from a complete stranger) Runde Auto Chat: What kind of vehicle are you having serviced? Is it just a routine appointment? Donna Manternach: Ford Edge, and yes, it’s a routine oil change RAC: Did you buy the vehicle at Runde? DM: Yes RAC: Is there any feature it has that will be a necessity next time you buy a vehicle? Or anything that you don’t like? DM: When I have a passenger with me, there isn’t any space on the floor under the console for my purse, but other than that, I like it a lot. RAC: Have you bought other [...]
I’m sure all of you have heard the typical jokes about Chinese food and dog meat, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is a great meal and good for you as well. In Manchester, we have a restaurant called Chuong Garden, located downtown on East Main Street near the movie theater. I have eaten there many times, and from speaking with the workers at Runde Manchester, they have as well. A couple of the guys go for the Szechwan Chicken or Beef. I am a big fan of the Orange Chicken or the Sesame Chicken, but I have never eaten anything there I haven’t liked. Our general manager, Matt Sieverding, says he normally orders a random dish each time he eats there. He doesn’t have a favorite, but he really likes the food, and does order it often. They do take-out, so next time [...]
Manchester, Iowa added a new Mexican restaurant to it’s downtown community a couple summers ago. I had just started dating my husband when it opened, and it didn’t take us long to discover it was going to be our favorite place in town to eat. Monday through Saturday they have Lunch Specials from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. Most of the entree’s consist of two items with rice or beans. They have very quick service, especially over lunch. Most of the time we can be done eating in about 35 minutes. My husband and I have kind of gotten into a rut. We tend to eat the same meals every time we go to Las Flores, but lately I have tried to change it up a bit. He always gets the Enchiladas Verdes or the Chimichanga. I usually choose the chicken quesadillas or the Combo #5, [...]
You could drive the same vehicles as the stars!! Runde Auto Group carries a variety of different cars and SUVs; the same ones driven down Hollywood Boulevard. Check them out here!! http://www.americanidol.com/videos/?cat=506 CLICK HERE To Watch The Video The ‘two David’s’ receive their Ford Escape Hybrids on the finale of last season’s American Idol. David Cook and David Archuleta started many new trends while on the show, but now they will be ‘Going Green’ like many other stars these days.
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