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What is a #RundeRealPrice?

Clear and Concise Pricing Breakdown

At Runde Auto Group, we pride ourselves on being upfront and honest, which starts with the way we price our vehicles.

You will see the value in our approach if you have ever shopped at other dealerships and found yourself going through their processes only to discover hidden fees.

Our website clearly lists the price breakdown for new and pre-driven vehicles, always including the Runde Savings! You get our best price from the start, with total transparency.


No Documentation or Prep Fees
Most dealerships charge you to do your paperwork. These documentation and prep fees, which often aren’t mentioned until you are signing paperwork, can add up to thousands of dollars. At Runde Auto Group, we never charge documentation or prep fees.

Itemized Rebates 
On our website, you can see each rebate that is factored into our new vehicle pricing. This way you can be certain you qualify for rebates or discounts in order to get the price listed. Other dealerships will often lump together many rebates — even ones that many people won’t qualify for, such as military, educator, etc. — to show a low price and get you in the door. We do the opposite: We show a few rebates that many of our customers will qualify for. Then, when you are working with a salesperson at the dealership or by phone or email, we discuss other possible rebates. You may end up qualifying for more!


We are not what you expect when you hear the words “auto dealership.” No pushy sales pitch, no tent sales, no confusing numbers game just genuine customer service and prices we are proud of.

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