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Dubuque, Iowa drivers know where to head to when they want the best deal on a new GMC Sierra truck.  Runde GMC is a just across the river and a few miles up Hwy 151, but proximity isn’t the only reason Dubuque truck owners prefer to buy their new GMC Sierras from Runde Auto Group.  Runde GMC of Platteville always carries the Dubuque area’s best selection of new GMC Sierras, Acadias, Terrains and Yukons.  So if you’re old school and like to look at, touch, and drive a vehicle before you purchase it, then Runde GMC will likely have the truck you’re after sitting right on its dealership lot or in its showroom [...]

New Chrysler Pacifica Dyersville Iowa

New Chrysler Pacifica Dyersville Iowa
  If you’re in the market for a new Chrylser Pacifica in Dyersville, then look no further than Runde Auto Group.  The new Pacifica is an excellent minivan and has won all kinds of awards including the Best Family Car of the Year at the North American International Auto Show and the Cars.com Family Car of the Year Award.  But don’t trust someone else’s opinion … stop by Runde Auto Group just 18 minutes west of Dyersville on Highway [...]

New Chevrolet Sonic for Sale near Marion IA

New Chevrolet Sonic for Sale near Marion IA
The New Chevrolet Sonic is available to the Marion, IA area from Runde Auto Group. The Sonic offers a great option for those in need of a sleek and nimble ride and want to save on the gas bill. Achieving 26mpg city and 34mpg highway, the new Chevrolet Sonic will keep you on the road longer with fewer gas stops. With it’s standard 1.4L ECOTEC Turbocharged Engine achieving 138 Horsepower, the Sonic is a small package that [...]

New Chevrolet Traverse for Sale in Galena, IL

New Chevy Traverse Available to Galena Illinois Residents
The new Chevrolet Traverse is readily available to residents of Galena, IL and can be conveniently purchased at Runde Chevrolet. Galena is a gem in the Jo Daviess County… or maybe “ore” would be more appropriate as the city is named after the mineral Native Americans mined for – of course your and I generally refer to this as “lead”.  In fact, the Jo Daviess and Grant county areas were huge lead mining regions back in the days of yesteryear.   Actually the new Chevy Traverse would be a great vehicle to get in and explore the Galena area with it’s [...]

New Chevy Bolt in Davenport Area

New Bolt available now to the Davenport Area from Runde Auto Group
The new Chevy Bolt is in-stock at Runde Auto Group. Davenport, IA residents have the opportunity to own the best electric vehicle on the market today. The new Chevy Bolt starts at $36,620 ($29,995 after Federal Tax Credit) and the new Bolt will help you avoid the gas pumps in Davenport, Iowa and it should be paying for itself when you think of how much gas you’ll be saving. Achieving 238 miles of Electric Range on one full charge, those in Davenport and within the Quad Cities (Davenport, IA, Bettendorf, IA, Rock Island, IL, Moline, IL and East Moline, IL) [...]

New Ford Ford F-150 in Dyersville

New Ford F-150 in Dyersville
For anyone who has ever had the task of shopping for a new Ford F-150 in Dyersville and the surrounding areas, it’s reasonable to understand that it’s not as simple as it first might appear.  First of all, the new Ford F-150 is an awesome looking truck and there are so many colors and options to choose from.   Many folks in Dyersville opt for the SuperCrew F-150 as you’ll see a lot of them driving the main drag in Dyersville each day, but the s [...]
Used Cars in Manchester Iowa can hard to find, but if you’re shopping for a reliable used car, look no further because Runde Auto Group of Manchester is the spot for you.  Locals from Manchester and Delhi know that Runde’s offers the very best when it comes to pre-owned and certified used cars and trucks.  Whether you’re looking for something fuel efficient like a used Ford Focus o [...]

Chevrolet Blazer for Sale in Cedar Rapids, IA

Buy the New Chevy Blazer from Runde Auto Group
The All-New Chevrolet Blazer is available to residents of Cedar Rapids, IA from Runde Auto Group. Starting at $28,800, the 2019 Chevy Blazer offers what locals call the “city of 5 smells” a stylish, powerful mid-sized SUV. Cedar Rapids residents will be able to showcase the new standard in what an SUV should be. With three trim levels – the Blazer, RS and the Premier, the 2019 Blazer can be custom tailored to fit your unique needs. From the worker commuting to the Quaker Oats plant to the farmer traveling to me [...]
Manchester is a relatively small, close-knit community in the heart of Delaware County with a population of right around 5,000 people and many of those people turn to Runde Auto Group when they’re shopping for new cars. Let’s face it, a new car is one of the largest purchases a person will make in their lifetime so it makes sense that they’re going to turn to a dealership that’s reliable and possibly one that has no document or prep fees.  Folks in Manchester, IA generally recognize Runde Auto Group to fit that description. Runde has offered new Ford vehicles since 2005 and [...]

How Much Do You Pay for Gas for your Chevy in Dubuque?

Dubuque area Chevrolet Dealer asks the Community their thoughts on local gas prices
Chevrolet customers in Dubuque, this article will provide you with some good news. In case you haven’t gotten out of the house yet this year, I’ll point out quickly that gas prices were on a relative free fall during the second half of the year and have recently landed at a cost per gallon that is somewhat comfortable for most folks in the midwest. One Runde Auto Group customer commented, “It’s nice not having to drain my wallet each week at the gas pump”. If you’re one of those whose daily work commute is relatively short, then it’s possible you’ve never really broken too much of a sweat over gas prices. Nonetheless, everyone loves to rant when gas prices are on the rise so whether we admit it or not, everyone cares about the price of fuel in Iowa. Recently a co-worker recently pointed out to me to this website that shows Chevrolet drivers in
It’s common knowledge that Dubuque is only about a mile and a half from Runde Chevrolet.  Roughly over the past thirty years, Dubuque has become well-known in the eastern Iowa area as a tourist hot spot.  A lot of this started back in the late 1980’s when the Dubuque Greyhound Racing Park opened up down by the river.  I can remember my dad taking us down there in his new Chevy when I was still in high school.  Oh, me and my sisters couldn’t bet because of the strict laws against minors going anywhere near the wager windows, but it was a lot of fun watching the dogs run and watching the adult spectators become either infuriated or ecstatic depending on the race outcomes. Well when you live in the Dubuque area, like any tourist spot, you don’t really go to the
The current new Chevrolet Equinox is an excellent choice if you’re shopping for New SUV’s in and around the Dodgeville, WI area.  The midsize 5 passenger Equinox has always been a popular vehicle for Chevy fans because of the smooth ride, stylish exterior, and its overall functionality.  It’s extremely fuel efficient for an SUV year-round and it’ll go practically anywhere in the snowy winters e [...]
Offering the new Chevrolet Impala to the Dubuque area is an honor for Runde Auto Group. You’ll find the lowest price on our new Impala’s on special. For used Impala’s, Runde’s PreDriven lot (located just a mile up the road from our Chevrolet store) is constantly stocking used Chevrolet Impala’s for our Dubuque area shoppers to browse from. Many of these are Factory Certified Used Impala’s which offers an extended warranty.  Shopping new or used, Runde Auto Group has an Impala ready for sale for Dubuque, Galena, Plattevil [...]
Runde’s has the largest selection of used cars and trucks around the Lancaster, WI area. Just 8.5 miles South on Highway 81 is our Chevrolet, Buick, GMC store in Platteville, WI. Anyone from the Lancaster area is under a 15-minute drive to see our selection of over 700 used cars, trucks, vans and SUV’s. Lancaster, WI residents will enjoy our selection of used car makes from all kinds of Manufacturers such as Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, Toyota and Subaru, to name a few. We are also proud to offer a wide selection of Certified Pre-Owne [...]
New Chevrolet enthusiasts near the Dubuque, Iowa area are not surprised that Chevrolet has remained one of the most popular vehicle nameplates on the road today. And with good-looking models like the new Chevy Silverado 1500, Malibu and Equinox it’s no wonder that Dubuque residents and people in neighboring areas keep coming back to Runde Chevrolet whenever they are in need of upgrading their vehicle to a new Chevy car or truck. And Runde’s will undoubtedly have the inventory you’re looking for with over 300 new Chevrolet Silverado full-size pickup trucks  available to choose from at any time.   And if you’re from the local M [...]
Used cars and trucks are very sought-after year-round in the Dubuque area and Runde Auto Group has been providing the Tri-State area with quality pre-owned vehicles for more than 90 years.  For many years, people have shopped our vehicles in newspapers and other local advertisements, but nowadays more people are turning to the internet and to their phones in particular to search out used cars, trucks and SUV’s from Runde Auto Group.   For quite some time, Runde’s has carried [...]
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