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Quite a few employees at Runde have some kind of pet at home, so we decided to compile a collection of photos to share with everyone. Sue Hanger’s hop-a-long house pets Sue’s son Brandon and Eagle We thought Eagle was a male, but we now have reason to think he is actually a she and could be having babies. If anyone is interested, please let us know! Sue’s son Brian and Oreo Jeff Runde’s boy in the hood Milo – Jack Russel Jenna Moser’s pooches Riley [...]
The executives of Sirius and XM radio announced the completion of the company merger on July 29th, 2008. There is much excitement surrounding the company’s future, and both parties are foreseeing great things for them in the future. The merged company is known as Sirius XM Radio, and both brands will continue to operate as they have, as two seperate entities. They are in the process of creating some new packages that combine stations from both XM and Sirius. They will offer “Best Of” package that contains premium stations from both providers. Also, the “Mostly Music” and “Sports/News/Talk” packages will combine stations from both as well. Any receivers already in circulation as well as any new hardware purchased will be compatible with the new programming. This is especially great news for our business. As a GM and Ford dealership, 90% of the new vehicles we sell have either XM or Sirius rado. From now on, [...]
GM implemented their “Project Driveway” program a few years ago. The test-drive program allows GM to partner with consumers or companies who agree to driving GM’s fuel cell vehicles in a “lab rat” type of situation. Yesterday, GM announced a newest member of the program, the world’s first and largest market test of fuel cell vehicles. Chevrolet and the United States Postal Service have teamed up for a trial-run of Hydrogen-powered fuel cell Chevy Equinoxes. Two of the USPS locations will be using them. Irvine, CA is the only one released so far, with a second releasing soon. The Equinox fuel cell car will be used 6 days a week on regular delivery routes. This is not the first time the Postal Service has joined forces with GM. In 2004, they tried out a HydroGen3 fuel cell vehicle in the Northern Virgina area, with Irvine, California copying them in 2006. Both of these programs ended in [...]
The Runde Auto Group Golf Outing took place Saturday, August 2nd at Lacoma Golf Course in East Dubuque, Illinois. We played the Gold Course, one of 4 courses on-site. Lacoma is made up of two 9-hole golf courses, one 18-hole course, and a Par 3 course. Luckily, we had a beautiful sunny day for the event, and I think everyone had a great time! The overall winners with a four-under par 32 were Casey Fluhr, Dave Schnoor, and Mark Fleege. Second place went to Dave Frazier and Jeff “Lenny” Keuter with a three-under par 33. As for a special award that did not exist (but should have), the ‘Outstanding Driver’ award goes to Becky Kuhl. She managed to throw her playing partner, Nick Rokusek, out of the cart without even trying! A big thank you to everyone who participated, to Lacoma for providing their facilities [...]
I’m sure most of you have heard of the Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman flick, “The Bucket List”. Today, I wanted the public to get a more in-depth look at the employees of Runde; Let everyone know what they want to experience or achieve in their lifetimes…before they ‘kick the bucket’. Cory Harbach: 1) Experience Vegas to its fullest 2) Build a classic Maverick with his son, Zack who is 10 years old now Curt Lammers: 1) Reach contentment (When asked to define it, he couldn’t…Ha!) 2) Win a BASS tournament 3) Retire (He wouldn’t tell me if he would stay in Iowa or move…) Matt Sieverding: 1) Drive 200 MPH in a car I own 2) Live a healthy, quality life Joe Behnke: 1) Own an island in the Bahamas 2) Hang in the Playboy mansion with Hugh Hefner and the girls Dave [...]
We have reached the middle of summer, the time of year everyone is spending time on the river or in the pool. I know a few people at Runde are starting diets or have been on them for a while. Chris Anderson started the Atkins diet a couple weeks ago, and Chris said he feels like it is working for him.Summer is also a very busy time for people, and eating out can become a habit. What most people don’t realize is that one meal at a chain restaurant can account for a whole day’s calories. They are not required to inform the public of the nutritional facts of their menus, so they make it a goal to not let us find out. Restaurants are beginning to make food better for us, but there is still a long way to go. Maybe states should start passing laws like [...]
Most people are aware of the male racecar drivers, but what many don’t know is there are many female drivers making their way up the ranks as well. Most have heard of Danica Patrick, but she is definitely not the only female competing on the racing circuit. There are a couple developmental racing curcuits in the United States that serve as stepping stones for those trying to race with the ‘big boys’. Champ Car Atlantic Championships (A.K.A. Atlantic) Cooper Tires sponsor the Atlantic racing series, which holds events across North America during their season. This is the top developmental open-wheel racing series. Most competitors make the jump up to the highest level from this circuit. Simona de Silvestro Date of Birth: September 1st, 1988 Hometown: Thun, Switzerland Simona won her season-opener in 2008 at Long Beach. She races Formula BMWs. She was the first woman in history to earn spots on the [...]
I’m sure all of you have heard the typical jokes about Chinese food and dog meat, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is a great meal and good for you as well. In Manchester, we have a restaurant called Chuong Garden, located downtown on East Main Street near the movie theater. I have eaten there many times, and from speaking with the workers at Runde Manchester, they have as well. A couple of the guys go for the Szechwan Chicken or Beef. I am a big fan of the Orange Chicken or the Sesame Chicken, but I have never eaten anything there I haven’t liked. Our general manager, Matt Sieverding, says he normally orders a random dish each time he eats there. He doesn’t have a favorite, but he really likes the food, and does order it often. They do take-out, so next time [...]
Manchester, Iowa added a new Mexican restaurant to it’s downtown community a couple summers ago. I had just started dating my husband when it opened, and it didn’t take us long to discover it was going to be our favorite place in town to eat. Monday through Saturday they have Lunch Specials from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. Most of the entree’s consist of two items with rice or beans. They have very quick service, especially over lunch. Most of the time we can be done eating in about 35 minutes. My husband and I have kind of gotten into a rut. We tend to eat the same meals every time we go to Las Flores, but lately I have tried to change it up a bit. He always gets the Enchiladas Verdes or the Chimichanga. I usually choose the chicken quesadillas or the Combo #5, [...]
Runde Chevrolet has introduced a new community support truck to be used by non-profit organizations. It has already been used for a few events in the area, but it has just begun it’s career at Runde’s. The American Red Cross borrowed the truck to work at delivering cots and blankets to flood victims in the Tri-State area. The flood brought disaster to so many families in the Midwest, and Runde’s worked very hard to find a way to help all of the people affected. A Letter from the American Red Cross: Thank you for your donation of Cube Truck to pick up cots & blankets. Your generous donation helped our local volunteers assist with severe flooding throughout the Tri-State area. Because of your gift to the American Red Cross, hope can be found at Red Cross shelters where those impacted come together to rest, regroup and [...]
Comparisons based on data available in the model year 2008 Fuel Economy Guide, published by the U.S. Department of Energy, the office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — www.fueleconomy.gov. Number of vehicles for each manufacturer includes variations in transmission, engine and trim, and fuel octane requirements. Chevrolet is the domestic leader at 23.26 MPG, just .45 behind Honda. Honda only has 1 model in the truck category, whereas Chevy has a full line of trucks, cargo vans, mini vans, SUVs, and cars.   Below is the Top 10 List for the Average Miles Per Gallon across all spectrums: cars, SUVs, trucks, and vans.
Last Tuesday, a truck and boat trailer were pulled out of the Mississippi River at the East Dubuque docks. It had been in the water since July 3rd. East Dubuque Police Chief Steve O’Connell said he thought the driver had set the parking break, but the brakes failed, and the truck and boat slid backwards into the water. It doesn’t look like this is a vehicle Runde’s will want to take in on trade! CLICK HERE to watch the Video!!
It’s Monday again, and back to the grind. I don’t know about you guys, but the weekend was way too short! I’m sure those of you with kids had an even shorter weekend than I did. Are you wanting to make the most of every minute you have off from work? Here are a few ways to make your weekends feel longer, refreshing, and more fulfilling. If errands are a must, try some silly games to keep them interesting. Have the kids race to find a certain product first, or have them point to a specific item on the shelf. Making an ice cream stop on the way home will also keep everyone in a good mood. Try swaping baby duties every half hour to an hour. This gives both parents a break to do other chores, and also gives them enough time to get the projects done. [...]
There is no doubt that the Flood of 2008 left it’s mark on the Midwest, but the cost of reconstruction is billions more than the smaller townships can cover. You may remember Zach Johnson, who hails from Cedar Rapids and won the PGA’s green jacket in 2007. Zach’s parents left for this year’s U.S. Open the day before the flood hit. When they returned, they weren’t sure if they would have a house to go home to. Luckily, their house and his dad’s chiropractic clinic were almost untouched. Compared to many other families in the Cedar Rapids area, they had very few problems. Zach’s mom had to work out of home and an area high school due to her downtown office being flooded, but that was a minor detail when one considers the big picture; it’ll take quite awhile before their hometown can be cleaned up and restored to a point of normalcy. After [...]
The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) released their Top 10 list of the most stolen vehicles of 2007. As usual, the 1995 Honda Civic and 1991 Honda Accord sat at the top of the list. The older Hondas and Toyotas did not change much in appearance for quite a few years, so the parts fit on multiple models and it was easy to duplicate keys. There are also a lot of older cars still on the roads; I think it might be time for an upgrade! (Before someone steals it and leaves them with no trade-in). NICB spokesman Frank Scafidi said, “It’s amazing to see how many folks get their cars stolen from leaving their keys in them. People should just use some basic common sense.” I know one of Runde’s customers reported having his XM radio receiver stolen out of his SUV a few weeks ago. He said that he isn’t used to locking [...]
I know all of us have been shocked at the sight of gas prices as they continue to rise, but try pulling into a gas station to fill up, and the swipe of your card adds another nine cents per gallon to the price on the sign. Some gas stations are trying to make up for the extra cost of credit card fees and the increase in the gas cost by charging people who pay with a debit or credit card about nine cents more than if they were to pay with cash. Visa charges a 2% fee on any credit transaction. Suppose gas is $4.11 per gallon, which is accurate for most cities. The fees would add about 8 cents per gallon, making the total $4.19 per gallon. Some gas stations are adding as much as 50 cents to each gallon. As if that isn’t bad enough, they aren’t posting it on their signs, [...]
We live in a day and age where there are so many technological advancements that were invented to make our lives easier and give us more spare time. Yet in spite of this, it almost seems like all this “progress” has in turn created more for us to do and has ironically rendered us with less free time.At Runde’s we know that a customer’s time is very valuable and that’s why we came up with our online trade evaluation form to help your car buying experience fit your needs as well as your schedule. The form was originally designed to accommodate buyers who were more than 50 miles away from us and couldn’t stop by the dealership on a whim for a trade appraisal. However because of the comprehensive nature of the form, we have had many people with tight schedules use it at their convenience even [...]
The Delaware County Fair is taking place this week, July 7th through July 13th, at the fairgrounds in Manchester, Iowa. Runde Ford – Chrysler – Dodge – Jeep is a major sponsor of the event, and have displayed eight vehicles on location. There are a variety of Ford trucks, a Ford Shelby Mustang, a Jeep Patriot, a Chrysler Town & Country, and a Dodge Journey. If you make the trip to the fair, please come by and check out our cars!! They look good, they drive great, and YOU’LL LIKE OUR ATTITUDE!!Delaware County Fair Entertainment Schedule Wednesday, July 9th superchick (Free concert with admission to the fair)     Thursday, July 10th Rodney Atkins (Tickets are $24 and $34)      Rodney’s Top Hits Include: If You’re Going Through Hell (Before the Devil Even Knows) These Are My [...]
Those of you who have driven past Runde Suzuki-PreDriven in Hazel Green over the past few weeks have probably noticed that there has been some construction taking place. Runde Auto Group broke ground earlier this month for the new Suzuki Store. The building will be under construction this summer but it promises to be a gorgeous facility once it’s completed.Runde began selling new Suzuki automobiles in the summer of 2005 and they have been a very popular seller since that time. The building will be up well in time for 2009   when the Suzuki Corporation will celebrate 100 years in the motorized vehicle business. Today it is one of the largest producers of vehicles in the world. In fact, Suzuki actually outsells Mazda, Subaru, and Porsche combined.
 Inbee Park of South Korea became the youngest winner in the history of the U.S. Women’s Open and I was lucky enough to be there to see it all. The soon-to-be twenty year-old, 2nd year professional carded a final-round 71 (-1) for a four day total of 283 (-9) at Interlachen Country Club in Edina, Minnesota. Edina is a southwest suburb of Minneapolis. Inbee finished four strokes ahead of Sweden’s Helen Alfredsson. On our way to the golf course Saturday morning, we saw Michelle Wie taking a jog around the housing development by Interlachen. She had one hole to finish from Friday’s round, and after missing the cut I’m sure she had some built up frustration to burn!! My husband and I ate at Chili’s Saturday night. We were in for a shock when we sat down, and looked over to the corner table. Inbee Park, her caddie, and a friend were [...]
Over the past 8 weeks, several Runde employees and their family members have been taking part in a weight – loss competition. Each contestant had their own strategy and everyone who entered the competition succeeded in losing weight. Thirteen people took part in the contest and those thirteen lost a combined total of 190 pounds – not bad, eh? During the final weigh-in, Kevin Hanger emerged the victor. Kevin is the husband of Sue Hanger, who works as an accountant for Runde Chevrolet. Kevin works full-time for Swiss Valley as a quality control manager, but he also works part-time nights at Runde’s in East Dubuque and he buys all of his vehicles from the Runde Group. I hope that Kevin isn’t offended when we say that he was the “biggest loser”, because he did lose more weight than anyone else in the competition. According [...]
On average, Tri-State residents are paying $3.84 for a gallon of gas this week according to IowaStateGasPrices.com. While rising gas costs are no surprise, motorists are trying to all sorts of ways to be more gas efficient. I know that I personally have been shifting into neutral more often and coasting down hills gradual slopes. If you want an idea on the lengths people are willing to go to save a few bucks click here.Experts are now saying that gas prices will eventually go back down – probably to around $3 a gallon, although it might take another year for prices to get there. However, for those of us who are not willing to take up jogging as our primary form of transportation to eliminate the pinch at the pump — check out these gas saving tips: FuelEconomy.gov Keep an eye on your tire pressure: Under-inflated tires not only pose a safety hazard, but [...]
Diane Casey and her husband came in a couple weeks ago to purchase a new Chevy Silverado half-ton truck. When they were in to pick up the new truck, their salesman (Mark Fleege) let them know that Runde’s just got in some promotional “Nerf-like” mini footballs. He intended to grab a couple of the footballs for them and proceeded to ask them how many kids they had so he would know how many footballs to get. Diane’s husband said that Diane has about 20 kids. You see Diane is a 1st grade teacher up at Cuba City Elementary School. So Mark grabbed her a bunch of the footballs to take to her class. A week later, Mark received the following thank-you note in the mail that we’d like to share with you:
If you reside in the Tri-State Area, you may recall an article on the front page of the Telegraph Herald newspaper on May 19th of 2007. The article was titled “Vehicle won’t be flying off the lot: Auto dealer won’t sell truck until baby birds in nest on tire leave” … and it started out saying, “A bird family weighing all of a few ounces is holding a 5,000-pound truck hostage outside of East Dubuque. A pair of robins choose an unlikely spot to build a nest — on top of the left rear tire of a red truck on the lot at Runde Suzuki and PreDriven Vehicles, a mile east of town on Highway 35. From the perfectly round nest tucked under the wheel well of the 2005 Chevrolet Silverado, the parents come and go, feeding three nestlings and scolding humans who get too close.” The owner of Runde PreDriven/Suzuki, Jeff Runde, [...]
  This is something really neat that Runde Auto Group wants to share with you. Shauna Fleming has created a website that helps put normal US residents in touch with military troops. Her unique website is calledAMillionThanks.org, and what she is doing is nothing short of amazing. Shauna is a high school student from Lutheran High School in Orange, California, and she started a national campaign to collect and distribute one million letters of appreciation and emails of thanks to our current and past military service members. Shauna was originally challenged by her father, Michael, to get her school to do something positive for the military men and women serving our country. Her efforts have grown exponentially as she has reached a national audience via the internet and she has done a world of good in the few short years that her site has been up and running. A Million Thanks is a year-round campaign [...]
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