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Winter has arrived a bit early this year! Here are a few links to keep handy this winter to track current road conditions in the tri-state area:   Iowa DOT Wisconsin DOT Illinois DOT Drive safely!

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Real Prices We pride ourselves on being upfront and honest, which starts with the way we price our vehicles. Our website clearly lists the price breakdown for new and pre-driven vehicles, always including Runde Savings. You get our best price from the start, with total transparency! No Hidden Fees Most dealerships charge you to do your paperwork. These documentation and prep fees, which often aren’t mentioned until you are signing paperwork, can add up to thousands of dollars. At Runde Auto Group, we never charge documentation or prep fees. No Pressure We will provide you with all the information you need, and answer any questions you may have, but we will not pressure you into buying anything.   Four Locations Near You You can [...]

Don’t Be Fooled by Four Square

This sales technique is meant to confuse car buyers
Ever seen one of these before? If you have ever shopped at most other car dealerships, you have. In the automotive business, this worksheet is known as “Four Square.” It’s sole purpose is to distract you from the most important part of a vehicle purchase: the price. Car buying involves a lot of numbers, and this system preys on the customer’s lack of detailed knowledge and their reluctance to admit they don’t understand. Here’s how it typically works: The worksheet’s four boxes are filled in with a handwritten trade value of your current vehicle, price of the vehicle, downpayment amount, and monthly payment. The last two will be much more than you want to start with in order to begin the negotiations. Notice there is no line-by-line breakdown. Once you have told the [...]
Chevrolet commercial grade trucks near construction site
Tax Time! You probably didn’t read that as something to look forward to, but if you are a business owner, we have some news that might change your mind. If you own a business and purchase a new work vehicle from Runde Auto Group before Dec. 31, 2017, you could be eligible for up to a total of $510,000 in tax deductions. When you add tax incentives to other small business and national incentives on eligible vehicles, you can significantly impact your bottom line. Adding a new work vehicle to your fleet could be more beneficial than ever. Whether it is the capable, hardworking Silverado or flexible Express Cargo, our commercial vehicles are engineered to get the job done. You can read more about the details of Section 179 here: Section179.org. [...]
What do “American Pie” by Don McLean,“Crocodile Rock” by Elton John, “Little Red Corvette” by Prince, and “Tim McGraw” by Taylor Swift have in common? They all mention Chevrolet in the lyrics! “People don’t write songs about Volvos, they write songs about Chevys,” said Steve Haener, Chevrolet’s senior manager of media, experiential marketing and brand partnerships, in an interview with Automotive News. Chevrolet is continuing its musical connections by naming country music superstar Luke Bryan as its latest brand ambassador. Bryan, who is known for songs like “Kick the Dust Up,” “Crash My Party,” and “That’s My Kind of Night,” said growing up on a farm inspired his love for Chevrolet. “Chevy has been a part of our family and a part of our work life on the farm for as long as I can remember,” Bryan said in the statement. “If you were a Bryan, you drove a Chevy.” As the newest brand ambassador (following Kid Rock), Bryan will promote Chevy through his social media [...]
American Cancer Society logo
For the fifth year, Chevrolet is hosting its Making Strides Against Breast Cancer campaign to help to finish the fight against breast cancer! Chevy will donate $5 to the American Cancer Society (up to $500,000) for every post during October 2015 with the hashtag #IDriveFor on Twitter or Instagram! Want to participate? Stop by Runde Chevrolet in East Dubuque and get a picture with our photo frame, noting a person you drive for! You can post it, or we can post it for you!  Check us out at @RundeAutoGroup on Twitter!
As one of the first BIG movies of 2014, Captain America: The Winter Soldier sold more than $246,043,328 at the box office. If you were one of the several that donated to that amount, and are a Chevy fan, maybe you’ve noticed the the massive amounts of GM vehicles displayed throughout the movie. Chevrolet made a deal with Disney’s Marvel Studios to give the Corvette, Tahoe, Silverado and Impala models co-starring roles in the film. The deal was initiated when Steve Tihanyi (GM’s general director of branded entertainment) approached Disney and suggested Scarlet Johanson drive the seventh-generation Corvette. Mr. Tihanyi wanted to correlate the Corvette and Ms. Johansson’s sexy character, the Black Widow, [...]
A couple of months ago Jordan Degree got a Chevy HHR for the Dubuque Art Center from Runde’s. The Are Center had plans to get it wrapped in a vinyl coat and that’s exactly what they did!  Jordan says he is loving the HHR and is very pleased with how the wrap turned out. Check out the pictures below and look out for it on the roads!   
During these hot summer days it’s great to get out and enjoy the weather. Maybe you wanted to go out somewhere but there was no one available to watch over your kids. If you do take your kids with you, wherever you go, please keep their safety at the forefront of your mindset and do NOT leave them in the car by themselves for any reason … not even for a minute. The ambient temperature inside of a vehicle on a 80 degree day can reach up to 110 degrees in just 20 minutes. On average there are 37 infant deaths resulting from being left in hot cars per year. I’ve heard horror stories on the news about infant death resulting from being stuck inside a car and it is something that needs to be brought up and addressed during these hot summer days. GM recently partnered with Safe Kids USA and together they are aiming to increase [...]
To me, a “hero” is someone that inspires or delivers change for the better. Having the luxury of waking up to an alarm clock instead of sirens or gunshots is a privilege that most of us probably take for granted. We are lucky to live in such a state where our biggest worry of the day is when you think a cop might have caught you accidentally changing lanes without signaling. Many have sacrificed for us to get to where we are today and should be recognized and thanked properly. Memorial Day is one of those special days when we are able to recognize the heroes that have worked so hard to defend what we have today. One the people in the fight for a better tomorrow is Runde’s very own Jason Keane. Jason has been involved with the National Guard for 14 years and is preparing for his third deployment in the near future. [...]
Want a good indication that the future is here? How about the fact that the products currently in the works make the things that we could have only imagined “to be the future” look primitive and obsolete?   The EN-V (Electric Networked-Vehicle) manufactured by G.M. plans to be hitting the streets as the new “Urban Mobility Vehicle” (think along the lines of a Segway, but not nearly as basic and lame). Tired? Drunk? Hurt or just lazy? The EN-V has you covered as it works autonomously, meaning that it can drive itself with the integrated GPS. In addition to an array of safety features and smart programming for heavy traffic, sudden reaction sensing, and the like,  the EN-V is an electric vehicle. It will plug into a conventional wall outlet and will give out around 40 [...]
Suffering from unintended acceleration? Afraid of “what’s next” in terms of recalls on your vehicle? Now is the perfect time to swap that lemon for some grade-A lemonade with the umbrella and all. With the Ford Swap program you can get some unbelievable deals on top of your trade for a vehicle that is sure to take your breath away. This is how it works: 1. You are finding that your current vehicle is a bit sub-par for your liking. 2. You trade in your vehicle. 3. You get an additional 0% APR PLUS $1,000 Cash Back for trading in your old vehicle. There are some vehicles excluded from the list of eligible cars that you can get with the incentive, but nowhere on that list is the Mustang (excluding  the Shelby Mustang). [...]
A BIG surprise was in store for me as I walked out to the showroom floor the other day. A beautiful Mastiff was sitting with his owner, Jesse Coulson, who was in for some service on his Colorado. Wow Jesse, that is a huge dog! How old is he? He’s 22 months old. He weighs close to 180lbs currently, I expect him to grow to around 200lbs. He’s a Mastiff right? Pretty nice dogs from what I hear.  He seems very attentive – probably a good bird watcher. They are called “Gentle Giants” and that is very true of Magnum. One time our family went on a vacation and Magnum was distressed because [...]
… to be donated to the East Dubuque Community Blood Drive April 16th at the East Dubuque High School cafeteria. If you’re in the Tri-State area, why not take an hour out of your day help potentially save a life?  Hope to see you there! Found this cool video. About 2 minutes into it, the video shows what life is like for a boy with aplastic anemia both before and after a blood transfusion. So if you think you can’t make a difference, then watch the last couple minutes of this and think again. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_LGNCBm_aA&hl=en_US&fs=1&]
Michelle brought in her two sons, Dylan and Tyler to get a few things done to their brand-new Tahoe.  Coming back from shopping while we put on a few bells-and-whistles on her Tahoe, She was more than delighted to share her experience with Runde’s. What brought you into Runde’s today? We bought eight cars from a dealer in Waterloo. But decided to try somewhere different. How did you find us? I was searching through Chevy.com for Tahoe’s and put in the different features I wanted in the vehicle and it showed me Runde Auto Group as having the Tahoe with the features I wanted in stock. *one of Michelle’s sons comes running through the door* Oh hello there. Dylan: Hi. What’s your name? Dylan. How old are you [...]
[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-B8B_8G9sDQ] [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAB0ywVkw7U] Here is a link to another inspiring story of a crash that had a miraculously happy ending:  Click Here If you need more examples there are several other videos you can look up. The point is simple: pregnant women get into accidents too.  It’s something that we don’t really want to hear about, but it happens.  In 2008, over 27,000 pregnant women were killed in automobile accidents. In fact, statistics show that automobile accidents are the largest cause of pregnant fatalities. What is more terrifying than thinking of your unborn baby going through an accident? As far as safety goes, the major focus has always been on infant safety and child seats while the specific safety needs of expecting mothers was perhaps overlooked a bit. That is starting to change, however, as the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (AAM), a group of 11 car companies including GM, Ford and Chrysler, has recently taken interest in progressing [...]
[polldaddy poll=2446278] [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvoaztR140Q&feature=player_embedded] [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-fB34sTmls] [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rSa-XgszN8&feature=player_embedded] [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PR8j-wnkbSQ]
One of the luckiest 19-year-olds participated and won big on the Price is Right. Why so lucky you ask? Well if winning a scooter, a trip to Boston and a bunch of money wasn’t enough… How ’bout a new Ford Mustang for a dollar? [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpMuiYNa3Xo&feature=player_embedded#] Perhaps this strikes some jealousy… or perhaps I’m just expressing my inner emotion… Either way everyone must give Taylor BIG credit for guessing the last two numbers spot on when it really counted — probably one of the biggest moments on the show, pre or post Drew Carey’s take over from Bob Barker. Here at Runde’s we may not be giving away Mustang’s for a dollar, but I guarantee that you will think the Price is Right at Runde’s!
Every once in a while I find myself wanting to give more to those who need it. Often there are times when I don’t know where to begin in terms of which charity organization to give my donations to. This year, however, we got the chance to interview Charlie Becker, Director of Camp Courageous in Monticello, IA. After the interview I found that I really appreciate what the camp does and wanted to help. The camp runs on donations, with no government funding, no formal sponsorship and no one paid to raise money for the camp. They run through the generosity of donations given by people and companies. Please view the video below to learn more about Camp Courageous.  You’ll also find out how to make a donation and you’ll see what they have planned for this holiday season! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6Ut8Ha0be4] [...]
We would like to end our Raising awareness series with Hillcrest Family Services. Hillcrest has many different departments.  The various branches of Hillcrest are divided by age groups, gender, and specific needs of the children.  Hillcrest has helped countless kids as they mature into outstanding individuals. However, there is always a need for volunteers, especially in the role of a big brother big sister to one of the kids. If you would like to help out the kids please read on to learn more and to see how to volunteer. Hillcrest Family Services John Bellini, director of residential education, spoke with us about how Hillcrest helps youth grasp a rich and successful education. In your words, what is Hillcrest? Well in my branch, we help youth that [...]
In continuation of our Raising Awareness series, Runde’s would like to bring awareness to the St. Steven’s Food Bank. The food bank has helped countless non-profit organizations over the years by delivering food to those in need. If you find it in your heart to donate to the Food Bank, please use the information at the bottom of this post to contact the appropriate party. St. Steven’s Food Bank Sue Davis, Finance Director at St. Steven’s Food Bank in Dubuque, IA explains how the food bank is helping out some charitable organizations — not only this holiday season, but all year-round: In your words, what does the food bank do? Our food bank receives quantities of food from the food bank in Moline and distributes the food to about 100 non-profit [...]
If you have driven a vehicle equipped with the Ford Sync Technology– then you’re probably well aware that it effortlessly syncs up your phones, mp3 players and other gadgets via Bluetooth or USB input. Now how about this for a little bonus: Internet.  Yep.  Not a misprint — I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T. That’s right, internet wherever you may go and internet wherever you are… internet high …. internet low … internet at home … and now internet on the go… just as long as you have a 3G compatible wi-fi card (note: monthly fees might go with it).  The Sync, version 2.0, will have internet compatibility integrated into its USB ports. So on top of all of the cool things the Sync already does (like transmitting your phone calls though vehicles speakers) your passengers can now surf the waves of the digital [...]
If you are familiar with the show: Top Gear, you know that the boys, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond are in charge of completing a mission in every episode. In a recent episode they were challenged to create their own answer to the Chevy Volt. And boy, did they. With an elegant plywood and sheet-metal exterior and an interior packed with lawn-chairs, semi-detached radio and rotatable windshield the Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust gives the Volt has some fierce competition. The thing almost runs 30mph, has absurdly oversensitive steering and whoever drives it seems to appreciate the value of safety and life to a whole new level after getting out. We’ll have to wait and see how the Volt does when it comes out. But if it’s even half as good as the i-Thrust, we can all be looking forward to something great. Here is a review of the i-Thrust as well as a race [...]
Aside from the 1965 Shelby Mustang GT350 and the very first 2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 ever made, Jay Leno has lots of toys that do things that you probably never even thought were possible. What if I told you that I could clone almost any object under the size of about a yard? Better yet, what if I told you that I could, without any sort of assembly, make the cloned object fully functional as soon as I cloned it? “Bust out the straight-jacket and lock him away?” you say?  Well, FYI, all of this is possible and is actually happening at Jay Leno’s garage. Jay has this nifty little scanner called a NextEngine 3D Scanner which will scan an object based on thousands of points and create a 3D model of it on your computer. From there, the Dimension 3D Printer takes the image data given to it by the scan and processes a plastic version of the scanned [...]
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