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How Much Do You Pay for Gas for your Chevy in Dubuque?

Dubuque area Chevrolet Dealer asks the Community their thoughts on local gas prices

Chevrolet customers in Dubuque, this article will provide you with some good news. In case you haven’t gotten out of the house yet this year, I’ll point out quickly that gas prices were on a relative free fall during the second half of the year and have recently landed at a cost per gallon that is somewhat comfortable for most folks in the midwest. One Runde Auto Group customer commented, “It’s nice not having to drain my wallet each week at the gas pump”.

If you’re one of those whose daily work commute is relatively short, then it’s possible you’ve never really broken too much of a sweat over gas prices. Nonetheless, everyone loves to rant when gas prices are on the rise so whether we admit it or not, everyone cares about the price of fuel in Iowa. Recently a co-worker recently pointed out to me to this website that shows Chevrolet drivers in Dubuque the least expensive as well as the most expensive filling stations in the state: www.iowastategasprices.com. You could also reference www.gasbuddy.com and it will provide essentially the same information.

It doesn’t take long to check it out and it may tip you off as to which place you should head to and which places you should avoid. To give an example, I paid $2.09 a gallon a few days ago for 10 gallons – a grand total of $20.90. If I’d gone to a cheaper station that’s basically on my way to work, I would have paid just $19.80. That’s a savings of $1.10 a week … or just over $50 a year!!! That may not seem like a lot of money to some, but it all adds up. Let’s put it this way: If someone walked up to you around Christmas time and handed you a fifty-dollar bill, it’s a pretty safe bet that you’d accept it with a smile on your face.

Of course there are other ways to save money on gas. For instance, if you currently drive a Chevy Tahoe, you could consider trading it in for a new Traverse. Or if you’re currently in an Equinox SUV, you might want to try something like a Chevy Cruze or a Sonic. Of course, we’ll hear the argument about needing 4wd driving your Chevy in Dubuque during the icy winter months – especially with all the bluffs and hills, but 4wd can often put a damper on fuel mileage so for those serious about saving money at the pumps, it’s almost a requirement to go with a front-wheel-drive vehicle. Granted, Chevrolet does make a FWD Equinox that averages 32 mpg on the highway. My mom actually has been driving a front-wheel-drive Equinox for the past two years and she has had no problems getting around the hillsides and steep gradients of Dubuque, Asbury and Peosta. Hers is actually a 2017 and that’s the former Equinox body style so that one’s rated at 31 mpg’s on the highway, which still is very good for that size of vehicle.

That previous Equinox body style actually has a good following in the Dubuque and Dyersville area. You’ll see tons of them on the highways heading to and from work.  No one has to tell those people they’re getting good fuel economy because it’s evident on their receipts with each trip to the gas station.. So for those that prefer the older body style Equinox, check out the Runde PreDriven dealership’s used or Certified Pre-Owned inventory of 2015 or 2016 Equinox SUV’s. However, for those who prefer the new Equinox, you can check them out at Runde Chevrolet in East Dubuque, IL.

And for those who are not satisfied by 31 or 32 miles per gallon, you’re probably a prime candidate for a new Cruze that will average right around 39 mpg on the highway and 29 in the city … not bad for a 5-passenger vehicle. Too pricey, you say?  Well please allow Runde’s finance department to obtain a competitive finance rate that will have your monthly payment landing in a comfortable range. We do business with 14 different banks and 2 credit unions in and around the Dubuque area so our Finance Team can usually find customers the best rate available.

And if you’re not sure whether to lease or buy a new Chevy in Dubuque … say something like a Cruze sedan, you can always take our Lease or Buy Quiz to see which option is right for you. It will take you through a series of questions like, “Do you drive more than 15,000 miles during the course of a year?” or “Do you tend to name your car or have you ever gotten emotionally attached to your vehicle?”

Remember you can always check out the Runde Auto Group Lease Examples page to get a good idea of where lease payments tend to fall for some of the mainstream vehicles like a Cruze, Malibu or Equinox. Many students at Clarke and Loras College in Dubuque use the Runde lease example page as a reference guide before coming over to Runde’s to buy or lease a new vehicle. It’s just a great tool that makes sense to use when you’re in the market for a newer vehicle or when you’re just starting to research what’s out there.

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