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Help Jerry Hesseling fight his battle against cancer by attending his benefit on Saturday, August 14th. Not being able to work because of cancer would put a lot of stress on a man and his family. 100% of the money raised from the event will be donated to Jerry and his family to help them in their fight. To learn more about the event and what you can do please click on the picture to the right. Meal Tickets can be purchased at: Gooch’s Greenhouse – Kieler, WI Sunset Lanes – Dickeyville, WI Finley ER – Dubuque, IA
There will always be situations where you absolutely need a pickup truck. The sportster in you is screaming “get the turbo coupe!”, the calm in you is telling you to “get the luxury vehicle!” Then there’s the practical side of you telling you to “get the truck, you’ll need it.” And if you are a farmer, construction worker or have a horse and kids that want to go to horse camp, you are absolutely correct in thinking you’ll need that pickup truck. No one knows that more than the parents of the kids attending the Tri-State’s annual horse camp.           Karen Schilling, secretary of the camp, was able to give us a tour of the camp and let us know how things work. Karen took over the secretarial position when  she graduated from school in 1980 and this is her 30th year in that [...]
We recently had a chance to interview Perry Mason of Radio Dubuque to get an inside peek of what goes on behind the scenes of the 3rd of July Air and Fireworks Show. Since then Perry and his crew have picked up the 21 vehicles they needed from Runde’s and they are being put to good use by the troops. These are the vehicles that will serve their basic transportation needs as they travel around the Tri-State area over the next week or so.  After they arrived at the Dubuque Regional Airport the other day, we got a chance to take an up-close look at a few of the planes that will be in the show.  Enjoy a small glimpse of the planes that will be at the show!   And if you’re interested in checking the planes out in person or possibly taking a ride on one, CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.
A few days after we spoke with Perry Mason for behind the scenes details of the 3rd of July celebration his crew came in to pick up their vehicles. To get an idea of what the process is like when they pick up the vehicles we made this little video to document what Perry describes: “Just super, the best of the best vehicles and they are all ready to go. I can’t even tell ya… it’s great”  [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnqjYwMKH3s]  It’s as easy as 1…2…3! 
**Update: Check out our footage of the Air Show planes HERE. Many families in the Tri-State area have made a tradition of gathering together to watch the 3rd of July air show and fireworks display. There is a lot of time, effort and hard work put into the event. Perry Mason, the General Sales Manager at Radio Dubuque, is one of the important people behind the scenes who helps organize the July 3rd event every year and is here to explain the show and what it takes to make the spectacular performance happen. Perry knows a thing or two about throwing a good show and has been involved with the air show through its entirety of 25 years. Perry explains, “This is the 25th anniversary of the air Show. We have one of the biggest shows in the nation. Going to the show not only provides a great bonding and get-together time with family [...]
Laura Rannals from Area Residential Care dropped in the other day to drop off the Runde’s Community Support Truck. Area Residential Care is a non-profit agency that serves people with mental or other devolopmental disabilities. They have grown to serve about 300 differently-abled adults and about 300 staff members in Dubuque (the headquarters), Dyersville, and Manchester. They will soon be moving into the old Econofoods building off of JFK Rd. in DBQ. The Community Support Truck was used to help move items and goods to and from A.Y. McDonald Park in Dubuque where they held the 2010 Corporate & Community Games. Laura explains that the Corporate Community game event is the annual fundraiser for Area Residential Care. The event takes place on the second Wednesday of every June. Teams of eight to ten people sign up to [...]
To me, a “hero” is someone that inspires or delivers change for the better. Having the luxury of waking up to an alarm clock instead of sirens or gunshots is a privilege that most of us probably take for granted. We are lucky to live in such a state where our biggest worry of the day is when you think a cop might have caught you accidentally changing lanes without signaling. Many have sacrificed for us to get to where we are today and should be recognized and thanked properly. Memorial Day is one of those special days when we are able to recognize the heroes that have worked so hard to defend what we have today. One the people in the fight for a better tomorrow is Runde’s very own Jason Keane. Jason has been involved with the National Guard for 14 years and is preparing for his third deployment in the near future. [...]
A couple of weeks ago we featured a story of a local pack of Cub Scouts, led by their scout leader and Runde’s own Sue Hanger, paint some mugs. With great anticipation and excitement many people have been waiting to see how the mugs turned out. The wait is over. Just the other day Jordan Degree from the Dubuque Art Center dropped off the mugs at Runde’s. Unpacking the mugs, I must say that they look fantastic! Check out the pictures below for the completed mugs from Cub Scout Pack #775. Great job guys!
Jordan Degree, who was recently at Runde’s to get a Chevy HHR for the Dubuque Art Center, made a visit to Cub Scout Pack 775 to let the Scouts paint some mugs. Pack 775, based out of Cuba City, is led by Cub Scout Master Sue Hanger — who is also one of Runde’s superstar accountants. While Jordan was at Runde’s talking about the Art Center he mentioned that he offers a “paint your own pottery” session. After Sue got wind of this offer she jumped on the opportunity to treat the scouts to a great night of creativity and fun. And boy, was it a HIT. There are 23 Scouts in Pack 775 ranging from 1st to 5th graders.  The event took around an hour and Jordan supplied the kids with everything they needed – including the glazes and [...]
Mandi Pedretti from Dubuque, IA stopped in the other day to pick up a vehicle she has been eyeballing for awhile. While she was here and waiting for her paperwork, I asked her if she could share with me her experience. This is what she had to say: How did you find Runde Auto Group? I’ve been over here before and my boyfriend’s parents live in East Dubuque so we drive by here all the time. Did you know your salesman, Al Kloft? No, not before today. How did you end up with Al? I went through the lot a couple of times looking at some vehicles and went home to do some more research online. [...]
Jordan Degree, of the Dubuque Art Center, was in this week at Runde Chevrolet to pick up a vehicle for the Art Center. Last year I had the opportunity to get to know Jordan and learn about what the Art Center offered the community.  This year we got an update from Jordan about what’s happening with the Art Center and what they have planned for the vehicle they purchased. Hey Jordan, last year you were here to borrow the Community Support Truck for the Art Center, right? How did it work out for you? Yes, we were moving to our new location at 137 Main Street in Dubuque – we are on the first floor. That was actually the second time we used the [...]
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