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Keep the Rust Away This Winter

Wash your car regularly to avoid salt's adverse affects


Rust prevention is key in the Midwest!

While it has been a mild winter so far, there is still salt and brine on the roads from icy days. Both can cause damage to the body and undercarriage of your vehicle over time. But there are precautions you can take against rust and corrosion.

Most importantly, wash your car often.

There’s a reason you see lines at the car washes in town when the weather warms up after a snow storm. Washing that salt off your vehicle as soon as you can is important — and be sure to choose a car wash that will spray the undercarriage of the vehicle since that will be in contact with salt the most.

The Runde Touch Free Car Wash in East Dubuque includes an undercarriage spray in its $7, $8, and $9 wash offerings.

“You also want to wipe out trunk jams, door jams, and seals,” said Nate Elder, reconditioning manager at Runde PreDriven. “If you can, hand washing is the best thing because you can really wipe everything down. Make sure to flush out wheel wells too. Those places people forget about, those are the places you see the rust.”

Avoid following plow trucks so you aren’t driving through the fresh coat of salt, and avoid puddles where salt gathers in large amounts.

“If you see a salt or brine truck, head the other way,” said Pat Timmerman, service manager at Runde Chevrolet.

Brine, a mixture of rock salt and magnesium chloride, is much more corrosive than rock salt.

Before winter begins, consider waxing your vehicle for an extra layer of protection on the painted portions of your vehicle. And it is always a good idea to have your vehicle inspected by a mechanic before the temperature drops to be sure everything is working properly!

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