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SmART Saturdays at the Dubuque Art Museum encourage creativity and fun

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Looking for a creative outlet for your children? Here’s something fun and educational at the Dubuque Museum of Art!

Perfect for kids ages 6-10, smART Saturdays provide a variety of hands-on art activities in the museum’s remodeled children’s art classroom.

“Participation in art classes can make children smarter, more inventive and confident,” said Margaret Buhr, director of education at the Dubuque Museum of Art. “SmART Saturday classes do that as well as celebrate the joy of discovery. Classes also provide a great bonding opportunity for children and their caregivers. And most importantly, classes are fun, lots of fun!”

The new program will be held one Saturday a month from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., starting on Jan. 27. Runde Auto Group is the proud sponsor of smART Saturdays!

The programs are designed to encourage creativity and thinking outside the box. Instruction and project guidelines will be provided, but individual expression is encouraged.

“Unlike a traditional structured class, smART Saturday’s open-ended projects focus on problem solving and creative thinking,” Buhr said. “Children will explore a variety of mediums and are encouraged to experiment with techniques and ideas in a safe and nurturing place.”

The cost is $10 per child per session ($5 for Dubuque Museum of Art members). Advance registration is required by the Thursday before the Saturday class. Adult caregivers must be in attendance.

The dates include:
Jan. 27: Mini puppets
Materials and instructions will be provided for participating children and their adult caregivers to make their very own unique jointed puppets to take home.
Feb. 17: Stickers, Buttons, and Magnets, Oh My!
Fight off dreary winter days by making bright and colorful pinback badge buttons, refrigerator magnets, and stickers. A hand-operated badge maker will be available for guided use.
March 17: Mini-terrariums
Children and their adult caregivers will design their very own nature-inspired scene using provided materials in the form of a tiny terrarium. Note: No live plants or materials will be used in this project.
April 21: Buggy Bouquets
Celebrate spring flowers and Iowa artist Grant Wood’s birthday by creating your own “Lilies of the Alley.” Children and their adult caregivers will construct a vase “arrangement” of paper flowers, butterflies, caterpillars, bugs, or whatever makes you think of spring.

Here is the Facebook event for the first SmART Saturday on Jan 27: https://www.facebook.com/events/208783973014905/

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