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Iowa Mission of Mercy Dental Clinic is Sept 23 & 24 in Dubuque


What: Iowa Mission of Mercy, free dental clinic
When: Sept. 23 & 24
Where: Five Flags Center, Dubuque
Why: To provide free oral health care to people who face barriers to receiving dental care

Iowa Mission of Mercy is going to be held in the Dubuque this year.

The large scale, two-day community dental clinic provides free oral health care to individuals who face barriers to receiving dental care.

Runde Auto Group is proud to be one of the sponsors of the event, which will be held Friday and Saturday, Sept. 23 and 24, at Five Flags Center in Dubuque.

More than 1,000 people will participate, including dental hygienists, dental assistants, and volunteers, all of whom are donating their time. They expect more than 1,200 patients to be seen over two days.

A field dental clinic with over 100 dental chairs, sterilization, x-rays, laboratory, and triage areas will be set up at Five Flags Center for the event.

The clinic opens at 6 a.m. and closes when they have reached their capacity for that day. Treatment is first-come, first-served with no appointments. Patients should expect to wait several hours as there are hundreds of patients each day.

Click here for more patient information.

The event is intended to address immediate, acute oral health needs. Free day care is provided for children while their parents and/or family members receive care.

“I am excited about IMOM coming to Dubuque because I have been a part of this program since the beginning 9 years ago and I have always had to travel outside the area to volunteer in other cities,” said Angela Weig, of Dubuque Dental Associates. “This year in Dubuque, my husband Doug and our daughter Carolyn, along with many family and friends, will be joining me in this massive service project. They will get to see first-hand the how impactful dental service can be.  It can be an emotional journey for patients and providers and I’m glad I get to be a small part of it.”

Since 2008, more than 10,700 patients have received free dental care totaling over $7.5 million from Iowa Mission of Mercy. Almost 50 percent of those people had not been to a dentist in two or more years, and 70 percent had no dental insurance.

Area participants include: Heyo Tjarks, Brett Kilburg, Joe Zuccaro, Crescent Community Health Clinic, Dubuque Endodontists, Melanie Stuntz, Great River Oral Surgeons, Tony Kalb, Kane Family Dental, Dubuque Peds, Pines Family Dental, Schultz Family Dentistry, Wertz and Wertz, Steven Bradley, Elite Dental, Epworth Family Dentistry, Farley Dental Center, Dental Associates of Manchester, Manchester Dental, D’Agostino Family Dentistry, plus many more!

They are also expecting 150 dental students from the University of Iowa, hygiene students from Hawkeye and Kirkwood and assisting students from NICC, as well as dentists from across the state.

Learn more here: http://www.iowadental.org/events_calendar/iowa_mission_of_mercy.cfm

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