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Control Your Vehicle's Features with your Phone!


Remote Link1

The OnStar RemoteLink mobile app lets you control your vehicle’s features from your phone.

With the app, you can check the status of your fuel level, check your tire pressure, lock and unlock you car, start the engine, and trigger the horn and lights — all with your smart phone, no matter how far away you are!

It is c1447086476744urrently available on iOS and Android devices and on select 2010 model year and newer Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles. Features vary by mobile device, vehicle model, options, model year, service plan, and hardware.

To get the app, make sure you have:

  • Active OnStar service and online account.
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  • A compatible vehicle and mobile device
  • Your OnStar PIN, to access most app features



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